In the Room

Photo by George Tahinos

This week on In the Room, Brady Hicks, DJ, and Kevin McElvaney focus on WWE Raw and NXT, what both shows are doing right, and where each could stand to improve. They also take some time to address some of TNA’s recent signings, including offering a shoutout for friend of the show Becky Bayless.

One Response to In the Room

  1. I was in the Wrestlecrap forum on the night that the Benoit tribute show aired, and as the show went to air, there were already people saying, “I refuse to believe that Benoit could have killed his own family.” It was already a hot debate before the top of the hour.

    Now, I don’t study criminal justice, so take what I say with a grain of salt. But based on what I’ve read and studied on my own time, when you have murder cases, it’s WAY more likely that the perpetrator is a family member, if not someone close to the immediate family. And because of this, the immediate family is always the first group that investigators will try to rule out.

    Random murders are anomalies. They’re like school shootings. When you hear about them, they’re shocking, but they are way in the minority when it comes to murder. People are way more likely to kill someone they know and are very close to.

    Just based on the early reports, I knew it had to be him. It’s hard to establish now what the earliest reports were saying, but as I recall, it was already known at the time of the show that Benoit had gone home and was sending strange messages to Chavo. Also, the earliest police reports were saying that there was no break-in and no gun was involved in the crime. Even as oblique as that information was, I don’t know how else that could be interpreted.

    I was horrified to see WWE doing the tribute show. I don’t see how they could have not at least assumed that it was a possibility. I think I even saw the anchors on one of the news stations taking bets as to whether or not WWE was honoring a guy who just killed his family. Might have been Olbermann, now that I think about it.