In the Room with Kurt Angle (10/8/10)

This week on In the Room, TNA star Kurt Angle steps IN THE ROOM with Brady Hicks for a special Bound for Glory edition of the show. Find out what Kurt thinks about the prospect of wrestling Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson at TNA’s biggest show of the year. Special thanks go out to TNA and Kurt Angle for taking the time to sit down with the gang.

On His Upcoming TNA Bound for Glory match:
Just like any other Bound for Glory. I know I have to step it up and put on the best performance I can. I’m excited it is Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson because I think they are two of the big upcoming names in TNA. I believe you’re going to see a lot of great things in this match. The match will be match of the year. We’re going to steal the show and give the TNA fans a really great main event.

Comparing Bound for Glory to WrestleMania:
In TNA they give every wrestler on the card the ability to steal the show. We’re ALL put in a position where you’re trying to have the best match. And that’s why a lot of the matches are so good.

On Kurt’s Reaction to Several of the Stars Who Have Come In:
I have mixed feelings. I don’t exactly want somebody to come in from WWE and win the title from our best wrestler, which is AJ Styles. Rob Van Dam is a featured kind of wrestler, Jeff Hardy is as well. Mr. Anderson never really got his real chance, and I’m thankful for that. Right now, we actually has a better roster than WWE. The TNA wrestlers here have carried the company to this point and they deserve a lot of credit. We need to utilize those guys, and let the former WWE guys somewhat enhance them.

Comparing TNA to WWE:
A lot of times, WWE doesn’t get all that they could out of their wrestlers. I don’t think an AJ Styles could have done all that he did if he were in WWE. There is no wrestler better in the world than AJ Styles. He’s the best in the world. It just shows that we’re able to utilize wrestlers differently than WWE. We’re not just that prototype 6’2″, 240 pound man.

Kurt’s “Dream” Final Opponent:
I had a good little run with Randy Orton, but he wasn’t as good as he is now. I think [Randy] is the best wrestler up there right now. He carries that company as a character and as a wrestler. I see another guy that’s going to step up that I want to wrestle is the Miz. He’s really stepped up in recent years. In TNA, I’d love to do more with the X Division guys, let them wrestle their style as I wrestle mine.

On Vince McMahon:
I loved Vince. We ended badly, but he and I had a great relationship for a long time. He was like a father to me. Vince and I just weren’t on the same page. I was burned out. I felt trapped and overworked and just wanted to get out. Vince did the right thing.

Plus, Kurt checks in with his thoughts on RVD “The Rock Star,” who specifically in TNA deserves more of a push, who from WWE he would LOVE to wrestle, Dixie vs. Vince, his excitement with Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin both being free agents, and his thoughts on WWE stars such as Randy Orton, The Miz, Bret Hart, and Christian.

11 Responses to In the Room with Kurt Angle (10/8/10)

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  2. Jimmy Jazz says:

    Wow! Re: whoever keeps cutting kurt off when he’s talking about aj styles, and then giggles like a moron about don west. you really come across as an absolute dick.
    Funny comments about hell in a cell… out of touch can someone be. easily wwe’s best ppv in a long time.

    • Kevin McElvaney says:

      I don’t believe any of us cut off Kurt when he was talking about AJ. I probably laughed during the Don West bit, because Don West is a funny guy and causes me to laugh. I’d award your comment no points if your username weren’t possibly a Clash reference.

  3. Great show, but all the WWE PPV’s including Wrestlemania have sucked this year. Just wait until tomorrow night Bound for Glory tomorrow night, and it will be the best PPV of the year between both companies.

    • BigErn says:

      Yep … Bound for Glory speaks for itself. It easily gets one ‘of the year award’ from me. I missed Bash at the Beach 1996 so I am glad that I got the rerun.

  4. Retwitted this. Greetings from the Speedy DNS

  5. I think what WWE should do with the Million Dollar Belt is to add a pay-out stipulation for it. When the wrestler wins the belt, he has to put a down payment on it, but the longer he holds it, the more interest his return will accumulate, so there’s a motivation to hold onto the belt. And that way, you could have humorous storylines where someone who has no business holding a belt wins it and spends more time escaping with the belt than actually wrestling a classic match.

  6. Oh, and considering how much the events of the last TNA PPV sucked, I think I’ve just about lost all faith in TNA. This was their last chance to do something shocking. They hyped change all year. It morphed into “they”, which made it seem as though someone was coming to TNA that would shock the world. Surprise! It’s Hogan and Bischoff… just like everything had assumed from the start. TNA knew how underwhelming this was going to be, because Hogan’s heel turn was written on the wall months in advance, and they went and did it anyway.

    Now, is the proposed face/heel flip going to happen? It might actually be clever if they do it right. I imagine a storyline in which nearly every star that Dixie Carter has brought in this year, save for RVD, turns against her. Even EV2. I imagine them coming out to make a save for RVD, only to join in the beatdown. And then Dixie stands on the top of the ramp in horror, saying, “What have I wrought?”.

    And then, since Fourtune is anti-Hogan anyway, they could use that to shift AJ back into being a face, playing off his dissatisfaction for the new regime and shifting him back into vying for the world title. And then break him away from Fourtune altogether.

    Likewise, shouldn’t Sting and Nash turn face by default? They SHOULD. They’ve been accusing Bischoff and Hogan of ulterior motives from the very beginning. It would make the most sense. But why do I foresee TNA abandoning that one, too?

    It could still be done right, but I’m not holding my breath.

  7. I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

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