IN THE ROOM with Tommaso Ciampa

Photo by Tommaso Ciampa

This week, two-time Super 8 tournament runner up–and former WWE developmental wrestler–Tommaso Ciampa steps IN THE ROOM to declare his candidacy as the first competitor announced for this year’s tournament. Plus Brady Hicks, Young John, and Kevin McElvaney break down Randy Savage’s chances of a WWE return, tackle Royal Rumble predictions, and start to get excited for Super 8.

On the Value of the Super 8 Tournament Today:
The Super 8 seems to have been a vehicle for a lot of guys, to get them to bigger and better. I think it still has a lot of value. It’s done a lot for me, in terms of getting me exposure in some of the magazines, as well as getting me more bookings.

On Future Plans:
I would love to do the Super 8 every year in which I am capable. Jim Kettner–and that tournament–have done so much for my career. That first tournament, I was really just looking to get my name out there. When you go in there like I did in the second tournament with expectations, that makes it a lot harder. This year should be the hardest of all, but I’m hoping I can win. That’s clearly the goal every year … to win it. If I did win, I’d love to come back and defend it every year I can.

On Training in Ohio Valley Wrestling/Al Snow:
It was just great. I think in a lot of ways I wasn’t ready yet for some of the experiences I was getting. Al was great. He was really good at taking guys of different sizes and showing them how they should be acting in the ring. He taught them to do more on the fly. Simple stuff Al would test us with … I didn’t know how to do that stuff back then. Al is good though. That’s why he spent so much time with doing Tough Enough and in the WWE developmental system.

On What Tommaso Has Learned:
This past year has been really good. I’ve had some opportunities to work with Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate. Hopefully I can use some of that experience to bring an even better performance to Super 8 fans.

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