IN THE ROOM with Sami Callihan

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Photo by Sami Callihan

This week IN THE ROOM, Brady Hicks and Kevin McElvaney welcome the second man to sign up for the 2011 ECWA Super 8 tournament in Vorhees, New Jersey, indie standout SAMI CALLIHAN. Check it out as Sami talks his experiences in Combat Zone Wrestling, Dragon-Gate USA, and a number of other promotions, the way the fans have taken to him, and all that he feels he still has left to achieve in this business. All that, plus Brady and Kevin break down WWE’s Royal Rumble ppv and look forward to WrestleMania, and Brady Hicks calls out Awesome Kong. Check it out at

2 Responses to IN THE ROOM with Sami Callihan

  1. BigErn says:

    Entertaining podcast, guys. On the WM horizon I see (to name a few, more to come) Cenanuff vs. Miz, Orton vs. Punk, Underseller vs. 2.21.2011 (umm … Sting?), Big Lazy vs. Big Slow, and Alberto vs. Edge (of course) unless they go with Rey winning the World strap @ Elimination Chamber. I also fear a Corre vs. New Nexus match like before (ugh).

    However, it’s still pretty early to speculate but it’s fun anyway. I seriously doubt all of the ducks are lined up just yet.

  2. Big Ern says:

    … oh and perhaps Cole vs. Lawler. It seems far-fetched but I can see it if Cole screws Lawler at the Chamber PPV.