’s Thursday Night AMP Interviews Brady Hicks

It’s time again for Thursday Night AMP with Stevie J and Peter H! This week our special guest is wrestling manager, broadcaster, columnist and host of “In the Room,” the one and only Brady Hicks. We’ve got a wealth of topics to discuss with Mr. Hicks as he’s worked with everybody from Demolition to Dixie Carter, and we’ll also get his thoughts on the build toward WrestleMania 27 as Atlanta is now just 10 days away! All of that plus a story about one of the Godfather’s Hoes from our good friend Coke0! Enjoy Thursday Night AMP courtesy of your friends at The AngryMarks Podcast Network whether live, via replay here, or afterward on iTunes (kw: angrymarks).


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2 Responses to’s Thursday Night AMP Interviews Brady Hicks

  1. Vince G says:

    Cool interview. Shame you turned down the Bret DVD Brady because I was interested to hear what was going to be on it. I think it’s funny no one has any hope for WM but I’m staying positive for once and think WWE will suprise all of us.They have to right? No one could book a show like this and expect people to care unless they had something up their sleeve.

  2. Politics. I wanted DJ to do the DVD bc I was too politically bound. I don’t think he wanted to though. As for WM, I guess we’ll see. I feel like there’s a lot of potential there, as long as they don’t go the conservative, traditional route.