Big Name Returns=Bigger Problems.

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Ever since the Rock came back a few weeks ago everyone has been getting pumped about WrestleMania and what his role will be. Unfortunately no one knows his role despite everyone on RAW never shutting their mouths talking about it. His return has gone from being something of great excitement to really adding nothing major to the current WWE. And really that is true of all the big name returns so far.

Last weeks RAW was one of the worst in quite a while. I got so bored by the whole thing and really given everything going on at the moment and with Mania just round the corner no one should be. Maybe that is the problem. First off the Rocks segment when he was there was terrible. I’m starting to wonder if The Rock is one role Dwayne Johnson can’t play anymore. His redoing the ‘ U Cant See Me’ bit again was really just bad. I wouldn’t be suprised if one reason he did it was to prove a point to a Mr “I know how to bury…. I MEAN build someone” Hogan. Either way it was cringeworthy in a way that the Rock never used to be. I hope it is me just being my cynical read too much into everything self but Rock seems to be going through the motions right now. His first promo had passion and going straight for Cena was smart. It instantly hooked people and tapped into the Cena hatred felt by older fans. But making promises like never leaving again is just bad. And the Miz/Cena/Rock triangle is getting out of hand. Giving Rock such a poorly defined role as ‘Guest Host’ leaves everyone wondering what will happen come match time. But not in a good way. Rock has flat out said HE WILL NOT WRESTLE. While everything in wrestling should be taken with massives piles of salt, given how badly Rock is at being Rock right now I can’t help but feel that one last match won’t ever come.

My biggest problem with this is it’s taking away from something the WWE should be focusing on which is the Miz. He has grown so much over the last year or so and main eventing Mania against John Cena should be huge but instead all the attention is getting removed from a simple Miz vs Cena match and instead is spread all over a Miz,Cena,Rock,A-Ry,Lawler,Cole cluster. I’m sure we would all like to think WWE has a plan and that the pieces will all fit into place over the coming weeks but I fear we are all just kidding ourselves. So far the only two matches I am really looking forward to are Orton v Punk and Edge v Del Rio. They are simple set ups. One a grudge match and the other is the Rumble winner against the Champion. With that set all they have to do now is build on that for the next few weeks. Everything else on what most people can see the card being I don’t care about. Tag Champs no one cares about. Nexus vs Corre or anything else to do with them also gets nothing but a yawn. Divas match? If it is a tag then I don’t care. What happened to JUST TWO women competing in a decent match. US and IC matches could be good but won’t those guys be in MITB? Oh wait, we don’t know if that is happening yet (Cant wait for the squash match qualifiers!) And then there is HHH vs Undertaker.

If this isn’t something that so far has been totally mishandled then I don’t know what is. The first promo where no one spoke to me was too much “They are back OMG!!!” flash with no substance. No problem because HHH came out last week to talk about it. And after ten minutes of him simply saying there are only too guys left in the WWE worth anything (Something he has supposedly said backstage but not in so many words) he summed it all up by simply saying in typical Hunteresque fashion the last great battle was him against Undertaker. No mention of the last time they met ten years ago. No real mention of Shawn and his plight at breaking the streak just ” I’m great, he’s great lets do it”. And then he wasted over a eight months of potential build of a decent feud with Sheamus by burying one of WWE’s biggest rising stars (who as done pretty well considering what he has been given) in seconds. Then Evan Bourne beat Sheamus moments later. Classic.

So, so far Rock, Hunter and Taker have all returned and upset every ounce of flow WWE had managed to cobble together in their absence. Austin is showing up next week and while I am a total Austin mark I hope he no shows because this has disaster written all over it unless he actually does something to build the young guys. I almost feel like I’m watching TNA. Cena v Miz may not have the marquee appeal of anything with Rock or Austin attached but that is why you build guys up not just have big names return, show up and leave. That is Hogan build! If there was a chance we might get Rock v Austin 4: Global Melt Down or perhaps him being on Cena’s side so we get Cena vs Miz with Austin and Rock in each corner then great. But all we will get are the classic catchphrases, a few pops and then bye bye. And after Mania when Cena is Champ all over again where will we be. The one thing I wanted out of Mania was Miz to look good and he probably won’t. You can say he is meant to be a JBL style Champion but he isn’t. JBL was a tough guy who found ‘creative’ ways of getting out of matches still champ when things didn’t go his way. But he could fight and be vicious . Miz keeps going into matches where he dominates most of it then as soon as his opponent(Orton) suddenly shows signs of winning then A-RY would step in. Rinse and repeat. Maybe that is why Riley got fired. Yet another young talented guy with seemingly nothing to do. I wonder why buy rates aren’t great……..

2 Responses to Big Name Returns=Bigger Problems.

  1. I think you’re just being cynical. The Rock has been money. If they can get him to have a match it will be huge. All I ever get people asking me any more is what’s up with The Rock. It really says something.

    • Vince G says:

      Maybe I am. To me it boils down to this, would you rather have things as they are now which is kind of a mess with no one knowing what will happen at Mania and no clue about afterwards or would you rather have Cena vs Miz built as THE battle of Mania? To me it is too much like Jericho and WM 18. His first title run was kind of a joke and his Mania match got overshadowed coincidentally by Rock (and Hogan) .