Can TNA Recover From Its Latest Debacle?

Photo by TNA Wrestling

Everyone saw or knows what happened at TNA Victory Road and just how bad that will be for TNA has yet to be seen. There are so many obvious things wrong with TNA and we all know what they are and they look like they won’t ever change the way they do things. The question is, was this one step too far from the idiots over at TNA?

Firstly on the subject of TNA booking, anyone that watches TNA and knows anything about wrestling or basic logic can see what TNA puts out is garbage. Everyone says it is confusing, stupid, convoluted and often boring. Everyone is right. Unfortunately that is now the TNA default setting and has been for quite a while, only getting worse when Eric and Hogan showed up. If you watch TNA that is what you have to accept and too many do. I have never heard or read anything by a TNA fan that even attempts to defend the way the shows are booked or written and that says something. Dixie Carter is in overall control it seems and she knows everyone hates Vince Russo or at least what he puts out on television. The fans do and enough of the wrestlers in TNA do too. But if you have seen her YouShoot interview (Staring none other than PWI/ITR’s Brady Hicks) she thinks having such a controversial guy booking is a good thing. That clearly won’t change in the near future. Something Dixie herself does have total control over and should make better decisions on though is the talent she lets work for her.

Signing both Jeff and Matt Hardy clearly were bad decisions and could potentially cost TNA its business. I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with signing ex-WWE talent if it can be used for some positive purpose. Kurt Angle proved that and I would say Matt Morgan could too if he was used better. The Hardys clearly don’t fall anywhere near that category. Selling merchandise doesn’t help if there isn’t a company anymore. Signing a wrestler because he was surplus to requirements somewhere else or because he brings in a new audience ok. But Jeff’s signing was clearly a ‘Controvesy Creates Cash’ ratings move. It was meant to be like Luger turning up on the first Nitro all over again. But it wasn’t. Everyone knew Jeff was a liability before he came in. If you screw up enough when you are a big WWE star that they kick you out, you have problems. Jeff has a known history of serious substance abuse problems and was facing jail time but that didn’t stop TNA. Infact it was probably helped motivate getting him. Recently there was lets say a ‘spirited debate’ on the site largely centred around wrestler health. WWE has made steps in the right direction. They may have been too little too late in some cases but hopefully they have learned a lesson and will do their best moving forward. TNA on the other hand have used the danger aspect of Matt and Jeff’s poor health to try and get viewers and I think we all can agree that is wrong. Matt wasn’t and still isn’t in good enough physical shape to be performing. And when you regularly post video rants on YouTube and you aren’t a fourteen year old girl or a gaming nerd, you need to get help(Get it anyway). It seems like no one is going to give those two the help they clearly need although you can’t help someone with a drug problem if they don’t admit they have one first. If you have heard or read anything about those two that isn’t likely to happen. Even Scott Hall himself refused to compete while he was there because he was out of shape. What does that tell you.

Speaking of big TNA problems, I still dont watch regularly because I value my time and my sanity. I have however ‘liked’ them on Facebook so I get to see photos pop up on my profile after each Impact. One thing that sticks out at me other than most pictures are just guys talking on the mic is that so much of the talent on prominent display are huge guys wrestling other huge guys. It isn’t a secret that Hogan and the ex-WCW crew push big bodies as much as big reputations so it is no suprise they now make up so much more of the card in TNA than had previously been the case. Now I can’t lay claim to knowing anything about what those men do or don’t do to get those types of physiques, but again it raises questions over TNA’s policy concerning health versus getting ratings.

Now clearly Victory Road shouldn’t have happened. You can take that statement many ways but what I mean is they shouldn’t have sent Jeff, Matt or anyone else out if they were not in a fit state to perform (Or stand up depending on the stories you hear). The thing is TNA painted themselves into a corner by not only hiring Jeff and co in the first place knowing the choices they make but also by putting themselves into this situation for at least the second time. The first time around they just simply altered the card last minute to try and cover things up which really is all they could do. This time however they were damned whatever they did. If they did the same as last time people would know why but at least they could have put on a decent match or hell, A MATCH, and then taken the criticism later. Instead this time they let Jeff go out clearly out of it to put on what will go down as one of the worst things in wrestling and PPV history. It was a brilliant combination of ‘Fingerpoke Of Death’, Lesnar vs Goldberg at WM and Russo throwing the belt at Hogan then shooting on each other ALL IN ONE. And it showed how little they all care. They don’t care about themselves either personally or professionally, they don’t care about their fellow workers who have shed blood sweat and tears to try and make TNA a decent company and worst of all they don’t care about the paying wrestling fans.

If you did pay for Victory Road (LOL!!!) then as way of an apology TNA will give you six months free access to their online archive, something that cost all of $4 anyway and about one third of the PPV price. I have the best of AJ Styles 1+2 and best of the X Division 1+2 so all I need is the best of Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe which I can get cheap on Ebay and wouldn’t need that service anyway.

Most fans have had that throw in the towel “Enough is enough, never again!” moment with TNA at some point already. This may have been the worst so far but it was also the company itself coming out infront of the world and saying ” There is no good reason anymore for you to buy any of our products or PPVs or support us in anyway.” I can’t think of a single good reason to anymore either other than my love of AJ Styles but that is starting to get me down. PWI 500 talk is starting up again. Last year he was #1. It is going to be tragic just how far he has fallen this year.

I can’t see TNA bouncing back soon if at all, and they shouldn’t do with what they put out. Some are holding out for WWE to buy them but they have no reason to. WCW was bigger in everyway and was purchased as much for personal reasons as business. TNA aren’t worth anything to Vince and after Victory Road shouldn’t be worth much to anyone else either.