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Basically today I had an idea to run some sort of idea through the show and then (and 10000% credit goes to these people for giving me the idea when I watched them) Dameon Nelson of Pro Wrestling Report ( mentioned that on their TV show, he and David Herro would be doing a fantasy draft for WWE/TNA on April 15th.

This gave me the idea to do one of my own and just like theirs to have it last until Wrestlemania but include everyone in this fantasy draft and have something be won at the end of it.


Teams/Factions counting as one

–         The Bellas
–         The Usos
–         The Nexus (This does NOT include CM Punk)
–         The Corre (This does NOT include Wade Barrett)

Teams/Factions counting as one

–         Motor City Machine Guns
–         Eric Young and Orlando Jordan
–         Gunner and Murphy
–         Generation Me
–         Ink Inc
–         Samoa Joe & Okato (Appearance points will only count for Samoa Joe unless Okato is in a match)
–         Robbie E & Cookie (Appearance points will only count for Robbie E unless Cookie is in a match)
–         Rosita & Sarita

Ring of Honor Teams/Factions counting as one

–         The House of Truth (This does Not include Roderick Strong)
–         Mike Bennett & Brutal Bob Evans (Appearance points will only count for Mike Bennett unless Brutal Bob is in a match)
–         Kyle O’Reilly & Adam Cole
–         The Bravado Brothers
–         The Embassy (This includes any new members or one off appearances)


–         20 picks in total from WWE and TNA but picks from Independent companies such as ROH, OVW, NWA Hollywood etc are encouraged for extra points.
–         Competition is 100% FREE to enter
–         Fantasy draft starts from the Monday after Wrestlemania until Wrestlemania 28
–         Prize is a DVD of your choice worth the price of a WWE DVD set (from PPVs to special Superstar DVD) BUT doesn’t even have to be a wrestling DVD, it can be ANY DVD or DVDs up to that value/price. First off I am not made of money and secondly this is supposed to be a fun game but I thought a prize was necessary!
–         Competition is open to entries from ANYONE from around the world!
–         5 Trades can be made the night after Summerslam, Survivor Series and Royal Rumble but 1-2 trades can be made at special occasions.
–         1 pick MUST be for NXT and said pick will be nullified when eliminated or when said pick has won NXT. Pick will be refreshed when the next NXT season begins or if NXT is axed then you will be able to pick a new pick.
–         You do NOT need to use up all of your picks immediately and you can use each pick remaining at a later date.
–         Certain factions or tag teams count as one pick, if faction or team break up then the pick will be blank and you will have a new chance to establish team.
–         Various teams are branded as one pick, this means that if either member of the team appears in a match then they will score BUT if this is in singles matches or only one member of the team is involved then this will mean half of the points. Similar rules for a faction but full points will count for the faction but if a loss occurs for any of the faction it will result in double loss points.
–         Scoring is as simple as it says below
–         Matches count as appearances
–         Superstars and Xplosion do NOT count.
–         More rules will come when necessary
–         Depending on number of participants, scoring will be taken monthly
–         Injury or release will mean a new pick in place of injured/released superstar. Suspended superstar will give the option of choosing new pick.


–         Released = -100

–         Injured = -75

–         Suspended = -50

–         WWE, World Heavyweight, TNA or respective independent main championship win = +100

–         United States, Intercontinental, X division or respective independent secondary championship win = +50

–         Any Tag Team Championship win (Includes TNA Knockouts Tag Titles) = +30

–         Any other championship win = +25

–         Championship loss = -50

–         PPV main event win = +20/ Regular main event win = +5

–         RAW or Smackdown or iMPACT main event win = +10/Regular TV show win = +3

–         PPV loss = -10

–         Regular TV show loss = -5

–         NXT/Non wrestling show cameo = +2

–         Indy star signed to WWE or TNA = +100

–         Faction of 3 or more picks established = +50 per star

–         Faction broken up = -50

–         FCW star gets up to the main roster = +100

–         Regular show appearance = +2

–         PPV show appearance (excluding: Wrestlemania/Bound For Glory) = +10

–         Special match = +10 for each superstar in the match (excluding PPVs based on special matches (Hell in a Cell, TLC, Lockdown etc)

–         Wrestlemania/Bound For Glory appearance = +25
–         Superstar or member of the roster inactive for more than 3 weeks = -10

Basically I don’t keep up with independent wrestling so only the promotions in the public eye like ROH, OVW, NWA Hollywood and a few others will be counted. Obviously pick you’re independent superstar and I will do my best to keep up with them to score for you. 20 is the obvious total limit but there is no limit on the combination of Superstars you choose. (Example: You could go for 17 WWE (including your 1 NXT) then 3 independent and not even use TNA)).
Email or tweet your picks to me before the first Monday after Wrestlemania and you will be included. You can join at any time but obviously you stand less of a chance of winning if you join 6 months in. Good luck and have fun with this game!

Twitter: @InstantClassicH


Nathan and I will be choosing our picks and we’ll reveal them on the show after WM. The stipulation that gives you all the advantage over us is that we will be doing our picks like the original draft so we will not be able to have any 2 picks the same but you all will be able to.

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