Keep it Simple Stupid

Photo by TNA Wrestling

Harry Barnett poses the question what is wrong with the wrestling business? Listening to his show will provide you with many flaws in the industry today. However, there are problems that exist is every wrestling company today, some of these are unique to each specific company, others are problems they share. While many people feel TNA does a poor job of making stars, WWE is guilty of the very same thing. The original Nexus gave off a feeling of a possible youth movement in WWE, this would never come to pass. Nobody is this group has amounted to anything substantial, this includes Wade Barrett. CM Punk has done a poor job of building up members of the new Nexus, most of these guys have now been written off of the show.

The only new star that WWE has been building over the last several months would be Alberto Del Rio. While he is headed to Wrestlemania, they have done a poor job of making anyone want to see a match against Edge at the event. Meanwhile, TNA is still presenting guys such as Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, RVD and Sting as main events. If WWE had done a poor job of making stars in the past, TNA would have nowhere to turn for their main event players. The infusion of Bully Ray into the main event picture is not something that fans care about at all. TNA is a company that has been pushing Matt Hardy over AJ Styles, this is a sign that they have no identity at all. Unless you have the ability to build stars people want to see, they will continue to watch the WWE programs.

Overbooking matches is one of the biggest problems that TNA faces, it makes every match come off as confusing. Horrible storylines are presented on a weekly basis, this is something that contributes to the low ratings that TNA enjoys every week. Lately, TNA has produced Impact without much wrestling action at all, this is an attempt to duplicate WWE. Wrestling is simple, create matches that people want to see based on storylines that provide a reason to care. What Russo fails to understand is that nobody cares about the story making the match meaningless. While WWE is wasting time building a main event that will not occur at Wrestlemania, at least they are putting out compelling television. The biggest problem with wrestling today is no competition, this leads the WWE to enjoy a feeling of superiority. They have done a poor job of promoting Wrestlemania, creative has a whole roster of guys on both Raw and Smackdown without any direction. The annual WWE cleaning will be coming in the next few months, we can expect to see some new TNA talent when it occurs. ROH is a product with far too many problems, so I will leave that to Harry to address each week on his show. Stay turned people!