Tammy Sytch: Are the Sunny Days Back Again?

Photo by Lee Gray

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Tammy Sytch: Are the Sunny Days Back Again?
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Get out that suntan lotion. We’re ALL in for some Sunny days these next few weeks as WWE prepares to make Tammy Sytch its youngest-ever inductee into the Hall of Fame at the age of just 38. Throughout the 1990’s, I was a huge fan of Sunny, much like any other red-blooded male who watched her on TV. Since the time I started chipping in at Pro Wrestling Illustrated as a Contributing Writer, though, I came to know her on a much more personal level. We were never close friends, but I did have many opportunities to talk to her on a number of different shows, appearances, and conventions over the years. Or, rather … I had always only had the chance to talk to TAMMY SYTCH.

It wasn’t until this past Sunday at a show in Voorhees, New Jersey that I FINALLY got to meet Sunny.