Why The Miz COULD leave WrestleMania The Champion.

Photo by WWE

I know it sounds crazy to say it which is probably why I am the only one saying it but I think this could be one of the biggest WrestleMania suprises we have ever seen. No one gives Miz a snowball’s chance in hell of retaining at WrestleMania and for good reason. But for me I think there is enough going on to not make this a foregone conclusion.

The Order: There is more than a good chance the WWE Title match won’t be on last even though it should. I’m going to make a few assumptions here but stick with me. Chances are this match will be either third or second from last. It seems more and more apparent that Triple H vs The Undertaker will close out the show. It is also fair to assume the womens (and Snookie) match will be sandwhiched inbetween. I am also going to go out on a limb and say Del Rio will win the title. I think they have put so much into him that really he has to win. Him not fulfilling his destiny and then trying again somewhere down the line makes no sense and loses all the momentum he has been building. Okay, that might happen but like I said it makes far too much sense for Del Rio to win. So that means we have one title changing hands(Though a heel I count as a positive), Morrison and co. winning (Face) Undertaker beating Hunter (Who is face in this one?) which leaves plenty of room for a big upset with Miz retaining. If Edge does somehow retain would they have both titles being won by faces? Maybe but I hope not.

The Rock: Reports have surfaced in the last day or so that word has come down from on high, Vince himself has said Rock will be returning to in ring action sooner rather than later. Again for now only speculation but even Rock himself in recent interviews has softened his stance on never wrestling again. If that is the case we know 100% he will face John Cena hopefully at SummerSlam. The only way I can see that happening is this:

1) Cena wins the title clean and Rock challenges him out of respect.
2) The Rock interferes in the match, tries to stop Cena winning but he does anyway and challenges the Rock the next night on Raw.
3) The Brady Theory. Rock somehow wins the title at WrestleMania and Cena challenges him the next night.
4) Rock helps Cena win the Title, they make out and then the next night one challenges the other.
5) Rock causes Cena to lose and so they finally go at it.

Those are the only things I can see happening at ‘Mania and while some are more likely than others all have there pros and cons. The much feared Rock helps Cena really would be the biggest FU seen on WWE television in a while. The one thing that has made this whole thing slightly bearable is that Rock has been pointing out all the things Cena haters hate about Cena! If he swithces sides none of the fans that got behind him are going to stay tuned to watch Rock and Cena be pals. That’s ratings suicide right there.

Again I think it is fair to say this won’t have a clean ending so the clean Cena win seems unlikely. Unfortunately I think as cool as Brady’s idea is, it is too crazy to really consider (Sorry). This really leaves Cena not winning cleanly but still managing to overcome Miz,A-Ry and possibly Rock OR Rock costs Cena and Miz retains setting up the Rock vs Cena feud.

Champion, Shmampion: The title belt maybe involved here and Cena may not have held it in a while but to raise one eyebrow a sec “It doesn’t matter who the Champion is!” and as sad as that sounds it doesn’t. Cena’s storylines have totally eclipsed everything going on in the title picture for some time now and the Rock doesn’t need the belt because he is the ‘Peoples Champ’. While a Peoples vs WWE champ main event could happen it seems like a waste. If one of those two holds the belt that leaves Miz, Punk, Orton and possibly Morrison, Dolph, and Hunter doing what while the feud is going on? Again it makes more sense to me to not have those two fighting over the title. Unless Cena wins at Mania and Rock costs him the title down the line (Backlash) I see this whole thing being a massive car wreck of a storyline. So again it probably will happen. If my SummerSlam prediction is correct then wouldn’t it be just like HBK vs Hogan or HBK vs HHH. By putting all the attention on one match would ruin the PPV with no good reason.

Miz/No one says it can happen: Everything about Miz’s career up untill this point has been a suprise. Still being in WWE, the titles he won, winning MITB, actually cashing it and winning the belt when everyone felt he would be the one to fail. Everything points to him doing the unthinkable one more time. Everyone has complained that Miz has been the odd man out for pretty much all of the build to Mania and while it probably is down to some bad booking, it could have been done intentionally to throw us all off him winning. WWE have put so much time and effort into The Miz and he has done as well as can be expected with what he has been given, so it seems stupid to throw that all out the window by having all eyes on Rock and Cena. Miz and The Rock havn’t had any real interactions yet which means either WWE/Rock don’t think Miz is even worthy of his time or it is building to something. The Rock/Miz comparison is so obvious they should have done more with it but havn’t up to now. If the Miz has any future in WWE as a main eventer he needs the rub from either Cena or Rock. That or they will start again with someone new.

The A-Riley Factor: A-Ry has come back just in time to help Miz at Mania which is probably just to swerve us into thinking Miz stands a chance. Again I see only a few outcomes from this.

1) Riley trys to help Miz and costs him the title leading to a feud between them
2) Riley does help Miz win AGAIN.
3) Rock stops Riley from getting involved.

So does anyone think the next big feud will be Miz vs Riley? Probably not. Could he help Miz win the match or at least retain again? It could happen. Here is the big question. Do you think not only that they will continue the theme of guest helpers (Austin to stop Swagger, Snooki to stop good programming, HBK to possibly be involved, Nexus NOT allowed to help out, Christian to possibly stop Brodus Clay)? If so do you think they would bring Rock back to stop A-Ry? REALLY? It could happen but it seems a rather large step too far.

Lets not forget also there have been some massive swerves before at Mania. Austin turning at WM17 comes to mind. So does Vince turning at WM2000 to help Hunter retain. Both involved Rock. It adds another dimension.

I will finish by saying I know how ludacris what I am saying sounds and I am not just trying to be contrary. I know in all likelyhood the thing we all fear will happen and Mania will be a total let down. But surely there is room to leave our cynicism aside and think ” At WrestleMania it just might happen”.