Bolin Alley to Debut Tonight, LIVE at 7PM EST on AMP’D Radio

Starting tonight at 7 PM on AMP’D Radio, you’ll be able to hear and see a better production of The Bolin Alley than you’ve ever heard/seen before!  For a special ONE TIME LIVE SHOW, hear Kenny and The Prince like you’ve never heard them before!  The new and improved Bolin Alley … on AMP’D Radio!

After tonight’s free, live show, the BRAND NEW edition of The Bolin Alley will be a premium service and will provide listeners with longer editions, video options, and even better content.  Of course, folks…Bolin Services doesn’t provide these services for free.  “The King” and “The Prince” need to get paid!  Each edition of The Bolin Alley will cost only 99 cents per download, and will also eventually have the option of purchasing the video version of each edition for only $1.99!