IN THE ROOM – WrestleMania Brunch Edition with Bushwacker Luke Williams

Photo by WWE

Whoa! Hey! Check it out, mates, as BUSHWACKER LUKE WILLIAMS brings a big ol’ bucket of sardines IN THE ROOM with Brady Hicks, DJ, and Kevin McElvaney for a very special, UNCENSORED WRESTLEMANIA SUNDAY BRUNCH edition of the show. What does Bushwacker Luke think about his more than 40 years in the wrestling business, and what does he think about tonight’s WrestleMania show, as well as his successful runs as a member of both the ultra-violent Sheepherders as well as uber-lovable Bushwackers? Pull up yer listenin’ buds and listen in, buds! WHOA!

On the Transition from Being a Sheepherder to Being a Bushwacker:
It was another thing, mate. We were wanting to get into the WWE for quite some time. Sometimes it’s just the right thing at the right time. They had just gotten rid of the British Bulldogs. We just flew up there and Vince [McMahon] said, “What do you think about being the good guys?” And we were like, “Why not come in as the bad guys and then change us down the line.” But Vince said, “That’s not the way I do things.” Butch jumped up on Vince’s desk, and his nose was six inches to a foot from Vince’s nose, and said to Vince, “If you can make these faces babyfaces, then go ahead.” So Butch says go for it. That was a highlight. So Butch says go for it. That was a highlight. We went up and started doing vignettes every week for a month, and then we came on TBS in Upstate New York  and we were the babyfaces. People were like, “Those guys can’t be those vioent sheepherders.” But we were. We were marching around looking to lick people’s heads and having a good time.

On Working for the WWF:
Butch and I had been wrestlers for years, but it wasn’t until we made it in WWE that we became entertainers. Vince [McMahon] and those guys did so much for our characters and gave us so much exposure around the world. We’ll always owe WWE for that.

Who Tasted Better: Sean Mooney or Mean Gene:
I’m going to go with MeanGene on that one. What’s the saying? Like wine, it gets better with age? That’s Mene Gene.

On Working with Abdullah The Butcher:
Abdullah was amazing. He was a real inspiration. One time we were up there [Stampede Wrestling] wrestling and he just kept throwing these kids in the ring and was yelling for us to beat them up. He just had this aura about him that people were really afraid of him. Some people criticize WWE for some of the people they put in their Hall of Fame, but Abdullah deserves to be in there, even if he never wrestled for WWE.