Still Marking Out ! by ” The HotShot_Jayce ”

Photo by OVWrestling

Hello everyone , and welcome to my first column on
As my introduction piece , I’d like to make it a SPECIAL thank you and farewell letter.
* Keep reading …. because your never gonna believe it *

Thank you and farewell to Tommy’s WSW website. The end came because of several reasons, but it was great while it lasted. Your site did lead us ALL to this point in wrestling podcast history !

Thank you Tommy , for the many hours of entertainment and bringing together a group of fans and stars. No matter what happened each week , We ALL loved to hate the owner of WSW. It was a special group who followed his site.

WSW was my introduction to many new names and some “I remember that wrestler” moments. Many podcasts had come and gone over it’s lifetime, and the boards were like a bar brawl in a western movie.

Tommy didn’t upload shows some weeks… stars didn’t record on time ….Some dropped their shows like a hot potato and were never heard from again ! So to keep up with what was going on , you had to check everyday to see what was happening. IT WAS GREAT FUN reading the hate filled comment boards, killing time waiting for new shows to drop!

The podcasts were good , the fans were hungry for their favorite stars each week , and the boards were some of the most offensive places on the internet. WSW was the ECW of wrestling sites ! And I loved it.

* Just knowing that a show could cut off at any minute only added to the fun. – That Mickey Mouse phone system everyone complained about – LOL *

I’d always enjoyed Jim Cornette’s shoot interviews made by RF Video and two years ago I heard he was making a podcast. Knowing NO ONE can cause chaos with his mouth like Cornette, I listened each week for his ranting and raving on the wrestling business.
Each week Jim would rip and destroy some guy named …… Kenny Bolin. I had never heard of Kenny Bolin till then , and wonder ” What did this guy do to cause Jim to hate him so much ? “.

So I started downloading all of Kenny Bolin’s shows. The man could put on some funny shows.

Bolin was and still is… a funny HEEL. From his famous coughing fits , to recording 4 shows in 10 min segments that cut off… all the fans either hated or loved Kenny Bolin. His record shows of over 130,000 listeners were great fun. To this day , I’ve never heard of a podcast group that would demand money like the Bolin Alley. He was such a great heel. Each week he would threaten someone, or demand Tommy do something with this DAMN phone system !

* Personal note * My fav Bolin show ever was from Feb 2009. Kentucky was struck with an ice storm. Kenny Bolin broadcast that he had bribed the electric company with his bootleg DVD’s and autographed pictures to turn on his power. He proudly claimed his was turned on two weeks before the local orphanage down the street. ” Don’t cast to much pity on the Kentucky Home of the Innocence. You get 150 kids huddled up in a circle with blankets… IT GETS RATHER WARM ! ”

Kenny’s Hatred of the other podcasts on WSW was legendary. He fought with everyone from Lanny Poffo to calling out Tommy as a WWE stooge. Each week was more insane that the last. He created his own fantasy world for all of us to play in each week.

Which leads us to…. the Bolin / PWI feud. PWI was the strangest show I’d ever heard. Just guys talking and making each other laugh for an hour. At first, I didn’t get it…. but it grew on me. Bolin threatened PWI each week , claiming they had used “ speed dialers “ to increase their ratings. I HAD to listen to PWI’s response to “The King “ , by then I was hooked onto four WSW podcasts each week. Brady Hicks had the greatest verbal knock out I ever heard on Kenny – ” Kenny Bolin does a great Jabba the Hutt impression behind his desk.” LOL

Then ……..the AJ Styles interview happened…the show got in trouble with PWI , and took a great turn. The boys were now REBELS with a PODCAST ! Each week they made fun of their old name , added segments and built a really good show. Which lead to this website.

So goodbye and thanks Tommy. * Even though you teased Jim Cornette’s return from months that never happened * Something positive was created from the chaos of WSW.
I don’t think we’ll ever see ANYTHING like it again and we all shared that experience.

Next week , I plan on a grudge match. Who was the better world champion ?
Join me for a side by side comparison of to heel superstars
Nick Bockwinkel vs Ric Flair !