IN THE ROOM with Voice of Choice

This week IN THE ROOM, Brady Hicks will not let sickness slow him down … much. Join Brady and DJ as they bring on the leader of the VOC Nation (formerly 1Wrestling Radio) – The Voice of Choice himself – for Brady’s major announcement! Plus, Brady and DJ look at Slammiversary, WWE Capitol Punishment, and Warrior’s diatribe against The Hulkster! Thanks for the support!

7 Responses to IN THE ROOM with Voice of Choice

  1. ratboy says:

    we are going to atlanta ga my home state for 3 month in augusta ga SNAP INTO A CHEESE DOODLE

  2. Jason says:

    My name has made the broadcast. WOOT! And yes all those stories came from Meltzers newsletter. If I can ever dig up the old issues I can factcheck my memory on the HBK/Hogan story, though its basically correct. Never heard that TNA/Vince rumor. Interesting. He had a relationship with Jerry Jarrett at one point in the 1990s so maybe there is something to it.

  3. mrakbaz says:

    great stuff guys……

  4. Brother Jermaine says:

    Come on guys, stop with the fake “angle” about bashing Kevin. Brady even said a couple weeks ago on the show that it was an “angle” to eventually bring Kevin back in as a host. Talk about the news, don’t try to “be” the news. It’s lame. And nobody believes it.

    And D.J. stop with your childish banter on Hulk Hogan. You hate Hulk Hogan so much that you want to believe anything you hear bad about him. For you to report everything you hear as fact is very irresponsible and reeks of unprofessionalism (which is I guess why you talk on a FREE podcast!).

  5. Brother, I always tell you not to criticize things just because you don’t understand them.

  6. Brother Jermaine says:

    You “always” tell me??? You are probably thinking of someone else because you have never said that to me before. And secondly, if you are going to comment vaguely about something I have said, tell me which statement your vague comment is directed at.

  7. Vince G says:

    Cool show even with Brady out of it or ill or whatever. I never knew how much I missed Kev until the show got somewhat accurate info courtesy of DJ and suddenly it hit home. That said, busting on him is still funny.

    I don’t like the saying “No smoke without fire” but you have to question why no one ever defends Hogan as a person and usually have to try and qualify a lot of the things he has done professionally. The only chance of him going out with his head somewhat high is if he can convince Vince,WWE and Austin to work with him otherwise he is screwed because he can’t come back from where he is without some serious help.

    Or he could turn TNA into something worthwhile.