This week IN THE ROOM, Brady Hicks and DJ take a special look back at Brady’s trip with the VOC Nation to Atlanta, Georgia, for the NWA Legends FanFest, then address WWE’s upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view and the company’s shocking lack of buildup for what should be WWE’s second-biggest show of the year. All that, plus Don West answers listener feedback, and much, much more!

10 Responses to IN THE ROOM

  1. BigErn says:

    ITR > VOC Nation IMHO

  2. BelongaMick says:

    I gotta say this Airies guy is amazing, ITR along with everyone else has hyped him for so long I thought there’s no way this guy can live up to the expectation. It’s like watching Macho around wrestlemania 3 era just before he won WM4 and became the greatest wrestler of all time (imo).
    Thankyou to DJ for recommending the Best of Nitro dvd, for anyone who was a wcw fan definately worth checking out even though, as DJ mentioned, it is wwe censored but not to their usual standard of trying to make wcw look bad.
    Hicks the Ratboy show is a good idea but how about Ratboy, Malcolm and Tara menage a trois podcast!

    • I agree, man. I first met Austin when he left TNA to return to ROH. In addition to becoming one of my best friends in wrestling, he has also improved as a wrestler to the point where he is heads and shoulders over almost everyone else. I am so happy that IN THE ROOM was able to introduce Austin to a lot of new fans prior to his returning to national TV.

  3. Vince G says:

    Cool show this week guys. I saw the TNA PPV and aside from Austin carrying his match and the fourtune guys putting on a decent display the whole thing kind of sucked IMO. I don’t know if you watched it yet Brady but I think you will be disappointed with the X division match. It wasn’t terrible but Austin was the only thing that held it together. I’m glad they seem to be pushing him alot at the moment I just wish there was someone else in the division that matches up to him both as a performer and as a character. Maybe they will have to get someone like Joe or AJ to challenge him because even though Shelly and Kendrick are decent wrestlers, they aren’t in his league. Didn’t Shiima/Zima get signed too? I think those two could put on a great show.