“The Biggest Party of the Summer”… Really? Really?

Im not going to repeat the fact that I don’t like writing because, well you already know that. I just felt that I didn’t get the point across enough that both pay per views this week from TNA and WWE look so weak!

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Anyway, back to the story I had to tell today. Today is Wednesday and Summerslam is on Sunday yet they only have FOUR matches! It makes you think that we could be seeing more matches being added via wwe.com or as an impromptu match. It is pretty stupid to leave stars such as the number one and number two draft picks, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio off of the show! Alberto Del Rio being the Money In The Bank winner, a guy who you will one day be making WWE Champion (or not).

We discussed a few ideas for matches on the show we recorded last night for a few last minute matches so I won’t go into too much detail but we came up with the obvious, Dolph/A Ry or Cody/Zeke. Dolph/A Ry doesn’t look like it will happen just yet but Cody/Zeke could be a possibility now that Cody is the new Intercontinental Champion. 

I thought that Morrison vs Truth was on the card also until I checked wwe.com just now, what was even the point of bringing Morrison back because they seem to have buried him at any given opportunity. I really wonder if he could be on his way out along with recently fired girlfriend Melina. While I was on wwe.com just now I noticed an angry Miz video. This time Miz was angry, not a girl angry about The Miz! He said he will be at Summerslam and he will steal the show because he IS AWESOME! Well seeing as it looks as if Rey Mysterio is done (at least for a while), well then I really see Miz just going into a squash match OR I have another idea, SummerSlam could start off with The Miz beating down someone like Evan Bourne who would have been in the dark match/pre-show and then lead to someone coming out to make the save which would then lead to The Miz winning. It is time to rebuild The Miz!!

As for any other matches, Nathan thought The Tag Titles would be defended but it looks like they’re back on Superstars. The four matches that are on the “Biggest Party of the Summer” will obviously have ALOT of time, either that or there will be alot of time wasted on video packages and stupid entrances.

The matches they do have aren’t bad but they are hardly SummerSlam material! Personally, the highlight of my wrestling week and end of the draft will be Ring of Honor’s tapings on Saturday. It’ll be great to hear what happens then eventually get to watch in September. For all we know, 4 matches could be a great idea and this could just be a case of don’t judge a book by it’s cover and I really hope that this is the case! The ending to CM Punk vs John Cena will be what saves the show I think.

Anywho, I have gone on long enough. Summerslam definitely isn’t the biggest party of the summer this year. If you were to respond in some sort of way to this article I would say Summerslam: Buy, Stream or not watching. Make sure that you follow me on twitter @InstantClassicH, like the show on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Whats-Wrong-With-Wrestlings-Like-Page/159880840745150 and subscribe on iTunes (Search What’s Wrong With Wrestling. Good day………… I SAID GOOD DAY :)