Get Bill Apter to Friend Mike Bessler on Facebook

As discussed in the most recent episode of Mat Minutiae, Mike Bessler has launched a new campaign to become Facebook friends with the patriarch of pro wrestling punditry, Bill Apter. Mike was inspired by the brain trust over at VoC Nation who recently mounted their own campaign to compel, coerce and cajole Vince McMahon into eventually inducting Apter into the WWE Hall of Fame. Watch this space for details regarding the forthcoming “Get Bill Apter to Friend Mike Bessler on Facebook Fan Conclave.”

Mike Bessler (artist's depiction)

About Mike Bessler

Mike Bessler is a writer for various and sundry pro wrestling-themed magazines that are found on spin racks and shelves of finer gas stations and grocery stores around the world. For the better part of his 38 years on Earth, it’s been Mike’s sole dream to become Facebook friends with Bill Apter. As a child, Mike would sit on the filthy and disgusting floor of the seedy newsstand on Winchester Avenue in Ashland, Kentucky for hours on end, thumbing through the so-called “Apter magazines” as he inhaled an unhealthy amount of secondhand cigarette and cigar smoke from the adjoining pool hall. In the decades since, Mike has enjoyed a number of personal and professional accomplishments including a wonderfully fulfilling marriage, the many joys of parenthood, becoming the first person to have work published in both a British journal of economics (Capital and Class, issue no. 89) and in the world’s most acclaimed professional wrestling magazines, and seeing his work included in the holdings of a Russian museum. But sadly, his greatest of ambitions remains unfulfilled: Mike wants to be Facebook friends with Bill Apter.

If social media has taught us anything, it’s that larger-than-life celebrity types like Bill Apter love being the subject of extensive and protracted Internet campaigns. Little people of the world, spread the word far and wide! Tell Bill Apter to friend Mike Bessler on Facebook!

Seriously, Mike would do it for you. Probably.