For this week’s IN THE ROOM, DJ, Derrick McDonald, and Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Brady Hicks get together to discuss the prospect of WrestleMania at MetLife Stadium up by New York City (how this eliminates any chance of a Madison Square Garden WrestleMania, and how it impacts plans for future WrestleMania venues as well), how perhaps WWE jumped the gun by inducting Edge into this year’s Hall of Fame, how The Horsemen going in is a real head-scratcher, and how Chris Jericho’s new “character” is so polarizing. All that, and so much more. If you’re in the Philadelphia area this weekend, be sure to check out the old ECW Arena this Saturday afternoon/evening for perhaps the last day of wrestling at this historic site … a double-shot of Combat Zone Wrestling and EVOLVE, with a special tribute to ECW. Stop by and say “hi” to Brady Hicks, who will be there doing an IN THE ROOM / VOC Nation simulcast with the VOC’s “AC Smooth.” And, as always, thanks for the support!

5 Responses to IN THE ROOM

  1. Ashley says:

    Do you find it weird that the Horror Wrestling Federation had an event in Connecticut the same night that TNA had an event a few towns over? It sounds like something Vince would do to hurt the competitor. Do you think he had anything to do with it? Like funding an indie to hurt TNA’s ticket sales without looking like they had anything to do with it. It was held in Norwalk too, which is right next to Stamford.

    • Belongamick says:

      I seriously doubt a billionaire would be concerned enough with “competition” earning an at best few thousand bucks. Does anyone know how many people were at the TNA houseshow? It’s seems to be the question of the hour.


  2. Jason says:

    Id be stunned if they end up in MetLife for a WrestleMania. As Brady said its a disaster weatherwise that time of year and the winds in that area, even in late March are still terrible. If they were crazy enough to do an outdoor wrestling show for Mania in the Northeast they would choose either CitiField or more likely the new Yankee Stadium.

    When it comes to Mania 29 my guess is that they are looking at using the Dallas Cowboys new stadium and they probably sent feelers out to Jerry Jones and when he was receptive they canned the Canada idea.

    As for the HOF, I think its pretty much a joke anyway so who I dont think its a big deal. Its a marketing ploy to sell DVDs and TV programs and Edge is current enough to where he will hit the demographics they are going after which is the late 90s early 00 fans who rarely watch anymore. Right now I dont think Flair will speak. I think Anderson will give the speech and Flair comes out on stage to celebrate with them at the end. The other option is that Vince and HHH hopes this puts TNA in a bind where they feel forced to release Flair from his contract. I think the WWE wants him back to promote their TV channel and Im sure Flair wants back to the big time as well.

  3. Jason says:

    Also on the Jericho gimmick I know Meltzer reported that he thought it was coming off an Andy Kaufmann thing, but since Jericho is a big music guy I wonder if his idea for it kind of came from Rage against the Machine. I remember years ago they did a show where they came out naked and stood on stage. The crowd at first thought it was great because it was Rage protesting and being different then they slowly realized these guys were never going to play. They booed them off the stage after about 10 minutes of standing there.

  4. Big Vic says:

    It does seem like the old school booking Vince did in the 80’s when he put the other territories out of business. Maybe he was teaching TNA a lesson for going into “his territory”.