Bowling Shoe Handsome – Dueling Reactions

02.06.12 – Dueling Reactions

Join hosts Kevin and Young John for a very “divisive” edition of the web’s only Punk Rock ‘n Wrestling podcast. This week’s topic is wrestlers who have figuratively split audiences in two. First, hear the guys talk about Hulk Hogan’s place as both the top heel AND top babyface in TNA – and why this could be helpful to the Impact product. Then, the discussion turns again to internet darling, Daniel Bryan. Find out why a seemingly innocuous line uttered by Michael Cole might signal a brighter future for the former “American Dragon.” A can’t-miss feud with John Cena might not be so far off!

Musically speaking, you’ll dig into tracks from Go to the Police, the long out-of-print (and only) recording from U.K. power pop act, The Toys. PLUS: music from Mat Minutiae’s Mike Bessler and BSH’s own Kevin McElvaney. Yes, you read that right!

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  1. Young John says:

    Background of the week:
    Demi Moore –

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