Bowling Shoe Handsome – The WrestleMania 28 Recap Show

The web’s premier “punk rock ‘n wrestling” podcast, Bowling Shoe Handsome, airs each week. It’s packed tight with information and musings about pro wrestling and pop culture. Plus: it features tunes from some of the world’s best punk rock, indie, and alternative artists!

This special WrestleMania 28 Recap Edition takes a critical look at what went down at the biggest pro wrestling event of the year – as well as what the implications might be for the coming months. Kevin welcomes wrestling analysts Brock Koller and The Real Deal to offer their takes on what went down.

Musical Playlist:

Irish Handcuffs – Keepsake
Plow United – The World According to Me
Sweet Baby – This Talk About the Girl
Tin Armor – My True Step
Sass Dragons – Sleeptalking
Turkish Techno – Without You
Tin Armor – Life of Abundance

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