“Greek God” Papadon wins the 2012 ECWA Super 8 Tournament – Results and Notes

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East Coast Wrestling Association at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club in  Newark, DelawareBandido Jr defeated Azrieal [10:20] … “The Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron pinned Kyle Matthews [9:53] … Bobby Fish beat ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion Kekoa The Flyin Hawaiian [12:16] by submission in a non-title match … ECWA Heavyweight Champion “The Greeknin God” Papadon pinned Anthony Nese [11:13] in a non-title match … ECWA Tag Champions The Midnight Sensations defeated Fusion-DS and The Flatliners in a Triple-Threat match [15:59], pinning The Flatliners to retain their titles … Bandido Jr pinned Gregory Iron [7:13] … Papadon defeated Bobby Fish [15:27] … Mr. Ooh La La won a Battle Royal [27:33], last eliminating ECWA owner Mike Tartaglia… Papadon pinned Bandido Jr [17:42] to win the  2012 ECWA Super 8 trophy. (04/07/12)

Newark,Delaware, April 7, 2012–“The Greek God” Papadon made East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) history at the 16th annual ECWA Super 8 tournament tonight, pinning TNA star Anthony Nese, Bobby Fish, and Bandido Jr in one evening to become the first man to walk into – and win – the tournament as ECWA Heavyweight Champion.

Previously, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels won Super 8 as champion, but only after winning the title during the course of the tournament.

“I’m honored, but not surprised,” smiled the man once so hated – but tonight cheered – by the ECWA faithful. “I did exactly as I said … and KNEW I would. Now I only hope the wrestling world was taking notice, as they have so many times in the past.”

The road was a difficult one for The Greek God, who had to defeat one of TNA’s fastest-rising X division stars, in Nese, in the first round.

Round One – Papadon vs. Anthony Nese

Papadon’s first-round match against TNA star Anthony Nese was a very hard-fought battle, and one that did not leave him unaffected. After sustaining a series of brutal suplexes, kneelifts, and a punishing 450 Splash from the top rope, Papadon was able to catch his fellow New Yorker off-guard, quickly pinning him after a running European-style dropkick in just over 11 minutes. For the big TNA television star, the night was already over. For Papadon, however, a long and dificult journey was only just beginning. It was now on to the second round, where Papadon would be forced to contend with the internationally savvy Bobby Fish.

Round Two – Papadon vs. Bobby Fish

No handshakes, and apparently no respect by Fish, who rejected an attempted show of respect by the usually hated champ, just prior to punishing him with  suplexes and a springboard moonsault off the apron. In the end, it was another running dropkick’ this time to the back of Fish’s head at the 15 minute mark that was enough to bring this match to an end, and to propel Papadon into the finals.

Unfortunately for Papadon, the final round of the Super 8 tournament presented its own set of challenges, in the form of luchadore Bandido Jr, brandishing traditional lucha mask in honor of his father at ringside.

Round Three – Papadon vs. Bandido Jr

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With Bandido Sr watching on from his ringside seat, Bandido Jr turned in the fight of his life against Papadon, punishing him with aerial maneuver after aerial maneuver before he fell victim to a Papadon piledriver.

With trophy standing beside the very proud Greek God, Papadon could do little but gleam as he looked back on the milestone he had just achieved. After holding both the Super 8 trophy AND ECWA Heavyweight title high above his head as the standing crowd and all of his tournament peers looked on, Papadon grabbed the microphone and exclaimed, “For years, I’ve wanted this tournament so bad. It’s such a great pleasure, the fans are some of the greatest and most loyal fans in independent wrestling today. Thank you so much to all of you who helped make this possible for me.”

In other opening round tournament matches, Bamdido Jr pinned his tag partner Azrieal, Gregory Iron defeated Kyle Matthews and Bobby Fish forced Kekoa The Flyin Hawaiian to submit to a leglock submission, after working over his knee for more than 10 minutes. One additional second-round matchup saw Bandido taken to the limit by Gregory Iron, only to come out on top in the end.

In addition, longtime ECWA veteran – and perrenial underdog – Mr. Ooh La La shocked most of his fellow locker-room mates and fans by winnng a Royal Rumble-style invitational battle royal, last eliminating the owner of the ECWA, Mike Tartaglia. Ooh La La, who emerged from the backstage as the #3 entrant, immediately fainted when left alone in the ring with both members of The Nigerian Nightmares. After being revived, he would later slide under the bottom rope to come to the aid of his manager, “Coach” Jim Shorts, who was injured when Ooh La La bumped into him and knocked him out of the ring after being intimidated by AHTU. During that time, the match was seemingly won by newcomer Mustafa Aziz, at which time Tartaglia emerged from the back and paid him to eliminate himself from the match. In his arrogance, Tartaglia totally forgot about Ooh La La, who was still at ringside and was able to sweep in to toss the former Hitman over the top rope, and earn a shot for hmself  at any title in the ECWA, on any date of his choosing.

In other action, reigning ECWA Tag Champions The Midnight Sensations successfully retained their titles with a big Triple-Threat match win over former champions The Flatliners and Fusion-DS. With Fusion, The Sensations, and Flatliner Buns laid out outside the ring after a Burns suicide dive, Asylum found himself the victim of a brutal assault by the massive Nigerian Nightmares, as the crowd watched on in horror. Never ones to let bygones be bygones, Asylum and Burns would make an appearance later in the night during the Invitational Battle Royal, to return the fight back to The Nightmares and get some vengeance, costing them the match.

4 Responses to “Greek God” Papadon wins the 2012 ECWA Super 8 Tournament – Results and Notes

  1. Jason says:

    Sounds like a fun show. Such a disappointment that Meltzer doesn’t really cover these shows. Just from last year alone you already have Cole and Ciampa in ROH, Ion and Aries in TNA, and Callahan in Dragongate and Evole. All of those groups are covered by the newsletters, ROH in particular. You would think its worth at least attempting to do more for this show than just writing results in the daily update.

    Happy to hear Mr. Ohh La La was victorious yet again! I cant wait until he wins the title one of these days!

    • It’s funny too, because when WO Radio had Low-Ki on a couple weeks ago and they asked him about how innovative ROH was, he proceeded to give full credit to … ECWA’s Jim Kettner and his Super 8 idea, and talked about how Rob Feinstein and Gabe Sapolsky used to go to ECWA shows and came up to him there to recruit him for this new “Ring Of Honor” promotion.

      • Jason says:

        Pretty funny. By chance today I was digging through some papers at work and came across an old Observer I must have brought there from a few years back (this was when Doug Gentry died) and I guess Meltzers version of the story was that he and Feinstein went out and saw King of the Indies and came up with the idea that they could promote building around a group of select indy workers. Thing is the ECWA show, which RF Video also taped, not only predates the KOI tourney, but the specific one he was talking about with Low-Ki, Danielson, Spanky, and Styles were almost the same exact grouping as the Super 8 that took place 8 months earlier (Styles wasnt in the Super 8).

        The wheels Im sure were turning for ROH that early because they lost their cash cow when ECW went out of business in January of 2001 which is why they were likely approaching guys back in February to feel out what they would do if there was a new promo to work in that would be built around taped shows. Maybe the KOI gave them more confidence it would work (seeing that the big indy workers drew decent crowds both on the east and west coast), but the Super 8 was really the start of bringing the J-Cup to the US. Had Feinstein not gotten tossed out of his own company I bet the results would have been pretty different since I think he was more interested in funding his video work and the subsequent owners were looking to make more of a small niche promotion that could survive as a touring group.

        I always wonder long term what will happen with ROH. Meltzer loves it and has almost always covered it as a big deal, but those guys beat each other up pretty bad. Reminds me of when AA was talking with us about getting the most out of the least rather than the least out of the most. The tougher style in Japan has left a trail of broken bodies and 3 promotions with almost no strength or presence anymore. The WWE wrestlers were all badly injured through the years ranging from concussions to broken necks with some of the tougher style and harder bumps. Those eras are now all looked at as bad for the wrestlers. I kind of think ROH will head that way as well with the way some of the matches go there.

        • As Joe Zanolle always puts it to me … it’s about perception.
          ECWA Super 8 in ’10 draws a small crowd in Voorhees, NJ, of 140 (you were there) and Meltzer just mentions Tommaso over Cole and how few saw it. Two weeks later Gabe has a tournament with 5 of the same 8 guys that draws 125 but Meltzer raves about it.

          This year’s Super 8 had almost 400 in attendance … Many ROH shows max out at 250-300 (some much less). It’s all about perception.