Jay V Mail #30: Community Chest! Collect $200!

According to Google Voice, Johnny Goodtimes and Doktor Heisenberg of Breakfast with the Beak ask:

Hey Jay. This is a and Eisenberg, cos yeah we got your topic for Give me a chance for like $200. And then I’m going to. Yeah Yeah, We do our community chest card, and if you come in yet. Where’s our money. Yeah yeah. Please leave me. Hey, I’ve read in the and probably in around Yeah it was that there was a banker in our favor. According to you, yeah, yeah. I don’t know that they own. Yeah what’s up. Jay V Yeah, it was already I was going on yet but going on with you man, yeah You, well yeah all. Another question for Jay. V. Mail what the is up with all those monopoly. You Know. Now that you need to see if there is a yeah, i mean, just in general. It is my resume. I don’t know. But I’m asking for you to Jay V okay bye okay. Alright, if ha ha ha.

While Google Voice a fairly accurate transcription, I still didn’t understand what they were asking.

Update: A more accurate transcription of the voicemail appears below.

Doktor Heisenberg: Hey Jay.
Johnny Goodtimes: This is, uh, Johnny Goodtimes,
DH: and Doktor Heisenberg,
JG: from Breakfast with the Beak.
DH: Yeah, hey. We got your topic for Community Chest, “Collect $200.”
JG: And uh, we’re looking to collect.
DH: Yeah, yeah. Where’s our two hundred dollars, Jay? We drew our Community Chest card.
JG: That’s our question for you,
DH: that you submitted. Yeah. Where’s our money?
JG: Yeah.
DH: Yeah.
JG: We…. we…. We have a vague idea of where you live, and probably can ask around.
DH: Yeah, there was a … there was a bank error in our favour, according to you.
JG: Yeah.
DH: Yeah. So, uh ….
JG: So, uh …. So go to the bank which you apparently own.
DH: Yeah, what’s up, Jay V? Hey, what’s up Brady? How’s it goin’, man?
JG: Yeah, hey.
DH: Yeah. What’s up?
JG: No problem with you, man. You didn’t … you didn’t promise us money.
DH: Oh, yeah. Also, here’s another question for Jay V Mail. What the fuck is up with all those Monopolies, you know?
JG: No, wait, you mean like different variations of Monopoly?
DH: Yeah, I mean just in general.
JG: That’s a good question. Why are there so many?
DH: I don’t know! That’s Alright, so that’s two for you, Jay V!
JG: Fuck, let’s do that one on our show.
DH: Oh yeah, okay.
JG: Okay.
DH: Alright. Alright, bye.
JG: Bye.

This is the crossover episode between Jay V and the Beak, where Jay V apparently trolled Breakfast with the Beak’s season finale. Catch their version of this topic at thebeak.org!