IN THE ROOM with Sinn Bodhi (WWE’s Kizarny) and Sassy Stephanie

“I drink thumbtacks with a glass of water … but I still have feelings. I still hurt.”–Sinn Bodhi

This week, IN THE ROOM proudly welcomes two very good friends of the show in Sinn Bodhi (WWE’s Kizarny) and independent female star Sassy Stephanie for a very special episode. Check it out as Sinn Bodhi talks his new wrestling school concept, FreakShow Wrestling, being a WWE “turkey,” and the sad effects wrestling can take on one’s life. Also, check it out as The Sassy One talks all about Women Superstars Uncensored as it prepares to embark on a brand new era, the art of women’s wrestling, gaining respect for her craft, and so much more. Plus, Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Brady Hicks is joined by Anthony Sarlo, Derrick McDonald, new show host Jeff Malinoski (of The Book Club, Fridays at 9:30 PM  EST), and Mike Bessler to talk Raw, WWE No Way Out, and Derrick’s love of Cyndi Lauper. All that, and so … much … more. Thanks, as always, for the support, guys!

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