ECWA War Games Results

Newark, Delaware, East Coast Wrestling Associaton (ECWA)–Black Atlas defeated Lumberjack Monroe [5:05] … Ricky Martinez (with Magnum and Gus Grand) pinned Cole Callaway [7:57] … Mike Kehner defeated Corey Blaze in a Stretcher Match [8:56] … Mid-Atlantic Champion Mr. Ooh La La (with Jim Shorts) defeated Mike Tartaglia [7:14] via COR in a match with Cole Callaway as guest referee … ECWA Unified Tag Champions Fusion-DS pinned The Slophunters [12:07] … ECWA Heavyweight Champion Papadon defeated Anthony Nese [20:17] … Team ECWA (Chris Wylde, Kekoa, Aden Chambers, and Papadon) defeated Black Heart (Breaker Morant, Bobby Shields, Josh Daniels, and Mustafa Aziz, with Joel Goodhart) in a War Games Match [26:45]. (7/14/12)

Showcase Match – Black Atlas vs. Lumberjack Monroe
In a battle of ECWA newcomers, Cocky Johnson pinned Lumberjack Monroe.

Ricky “The Model” Martinez (with Magnum and PR Agent Gus Grande) vs. Cole Callaway
He may have overome the interference of the devious Magnum and PR Agent Gus Grand, but Ricky Martinez proved too much for Cole Callaway on this night, Martinez was able to roll up and pin the always-popular Cole Callaway with his feet on the ropes. No doubt, Martinez’s unfare use of the ropes was not lost on Callaway, who would be refereeing the Mid-Atlantic title bout later in the evening to ensure a fair match.

Stretcher Match: “Kid America” Mike Kehner vs. “Greatest American Hero” Corey Blaze
Could the fans of Newark, Delaware have seen the last of Corey Blaze in the ECWA? Given the way this night ended for the former “Fighting Paramedic,” it certainly may have been. After battling throughout the audience floor of The Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club, the now-unmasked Kid America was able to stuff his hated rival into the back of an ambulance, sending him out of the ECWA on a stretcher for quite possibly the last time.

Mid-Atlantic Champion Mr. Ooh La La (with “Coach” Jim Shorts vs. Mike Tartaglia
Even with interference on the part of Ricky Martinez, ECWA owner Mike Tartaglia found himself humiliated at the hands of the Mid-Atlantic champion, who grounded “The Boss” and put him in a Camel Clutch, allowing special referee Cole Callaway to plant him with a big kiss. Not only did this infuriate Tartaglia, but it led him to slide out of the ring and accept a count-out loss rather than continuing to fight.
This act of cowardice would prompt ECWA booker Joe Zanolle to storm ringside, ordering a Fan Lumberjack tag match for ECWA’s 45th Anniversary Show, September 15, 2012 at The Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club … Tartaglia and Rick Martinez vs. Mr. Ooh La La and Cole Callaway w/ the FANS as Lumberjacks!!!

ECWA Unified Tag Champions Fusion-DS vs. The Slophunters
Matt Saigon and Damian Dragon – collectively known as Fusion-DS – stood tall on this night, defeating Johnny Silver and Alex Reynolds in a clean, hardfought battle. This also helped to cement their legacy as quite possibly the greatest home-grown tag team in ECWA history as the company barrels toward the 2nd Annual ECWA K-Cup Tag Team Tournament in October (with Fusion and The Nigerian Nightmares announced as its first participants). For Dragon and Saigon, the match would also continue to solidify their momentum as one of the top independent teams in the world today,

ECWA ”Heavyweight Champion “The Greek God” Papadon vs. “Wrestling’s Premiere Athlete” Anthony Nese
For more than 20 minutes, “The Greek God” endured more continuous punishment at the hands of former TNA star Anthony Nese than he had against any of his other opponents in nearly 500 days as champion. Papadon was powerbombed into the corner turnbuckles, stomped nearly out of his boots, and, much like in their classic Super 8 match last April, forced to kick out of a devastating top-rope 450 Splash just to hold on to the title, to the absolutely shock of those in attendance.
In the end, Papadon could only do what he has been doing since he first debuted in ECWA several years ago … win. The Wrath of God a superplex followed by a Papadon piledriver proved too much for “Premiere Athlete” this time. One can only assume, however, that we have not seen the last of Nese in ECWA.

War Games Match: Team ECWA vs. Black Heart
Order of Entry: 1. Bobby Shields, 2. Chris Wylde, 3. Breaker Morant, 4. Kekoa The Flyin’ Hawaiian, 5. Josh Daniels, 6. Aden Chambers, 7. Mustafa Aziz, and 8. Papadon.
Papadon shocked not just the ECWA crowd, but his very ECWA brethren when he entered War Games as a last-minute, fourth-man replacement, helping TWA Heavyweight Champion Chris Wylde’s Team ECWA defeat Black Heart. Wylde pinned his fierce rival Breaker Morant after searing his face with a flame for the submission. For the physically bloodied and beaten TWA champion, the flood of emotions from his hardcore win would be short-lived and very bittersweet.

After the hardfought, 27-minute battle, Papadon once again surprised – and this time, outraged – those in attendance with a vicious assault against not just Wylde, but all of his Team ECWA partners Aden Chambers and Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian who were still handcuffed to the ring ropes from earlier in the match. After ring announcer Anthony Cicco locked the cage door and ran away with the key, Papadon clotheslined Wylde hard to the mat, then preceeded to hit him with kendo sticks, a steel pipe, baseball bats, and even the bowling pin Joel Goodhart had been using to interfere, as the locker room emptied in an attempt to save Wylde and Co., who were now trapped with the rabid ECWA champion inside the cage. It would be several minutes of pure hell as those at ringside tried unsuccessfully to free Team ECWA from the cage, only to be continuously knocked to the floor as they attempted to scale the steel wall. Finally, members of ECWA’s crew were able to pull down one of the cage walls as Papadon flew to the exit.

For everyone in and out of ECWA who bore witness to War Games’ carnage, it would be a night they would not soon be able to forget.

The next ECWA show – ECWA’s 45th Anniversary card – takes place Saturday, September 15th.


ECWA Champion “Greek God” Papadon (19-0) vs TWA Champion “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde (15-6)!!!

Toss the Boss, Fans Participation Lumberjack Match w/ fans as Lumberjacks…
Cole Callaway & ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion Mr. Ooh La La w/ Jim Shorts vs. “The Boss” Mike Tartaglia & Ricky the Model Martinez w/ MMA!!!

Plus Aden Chambers, Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian, ECWA Unified Tag Team Champions FUSION DS, Danny E and more to be announced!

Card subject to change.

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