Wrestling with Problems: NXT Wins Wed Nite Wars Twice, Survivor Series, WarGames

This week King & Chris are back together for a double show. Survivor Series & WarGames thoughts including why both Rhea Ripley & Shayna Baszler were both the best & worst captains in history. Also why Wargames being a day before Survivor Series lead to weird booking decisions. A new AEW commercial focuses on NXT now that NXT has won the ratings war two weeks in a row, Filthy Tom Lawlor signs a new deal with MLW, & NXT Takeover moves to Sundays. WWE gets it’s Big Dick back, John Morrison returns to WWE, & Chris tells you how to get away with crime. Jim Cornette’s replacement on NWA Powerrr, Sandman says women shouldn’t main event shows, & the dumb reason an NFL player got caught betting…against his own team. King may have finally gotten his internet issues solved.