AEW Dynamite Score 1/13

A recap and review of pro wrestling’s hottest new international sensation.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Red and Mama Dee

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

We want to start by sending out our well wishes to Dustin Diamond (Screech on “Saved by the Bell”). He is dealing with some serious health issues and Red and I cuddle on the couch, every Sunday morning, and laugh at his antics. Get well soon.

Welcome to New Year’s Smash, Night 2.

Roll the opening montage!

Eddie Kingston vs PAC

Before the match, we got a look at what brought us to this point. The B*stard has been gone for several months, due to The Virus. He is now back and ready to rebuild his group and take out those who disrespect him.

Butcher, Blade and Bunny came out with their leader. Last week, Eddie and his crew took out PAC and Penta. Eddie promised to send PAC back home to England. PAC stormed out with Fenix and Penta at his side. He immediately went after Eddie with a Tope con Hilo. PAC slammed Eddie into the barricade. Fenix and Penta kept Kingston’s forces at bay. Pump Kick by PAC, followed by a 2nd. Bunny slapped the canvas to motivate her leader. Missile Dropkick by PAC.

PAC with a Knee Strike as Eddie slapped the leg. Forearms by the Brit. Eddie with a Knee Drop off the ropes. PAC slid out of the ring. Bunny tore at PAC’s eyes. Shoulder Capture Suplex by Kingston. Eddie pitched PAC back in the ring. Rude Awakening Neckbreaker by Kingston. Cravat by Eddie.

The ref forced a break but Eddie continued with Knife Edges.  Elbow Smashes by Eddie. The crowd was hostile towards the New Yorker. Wild Forearms and Knife Edges by the men.  Massive kicks and a Snap German by PAC. Blade tried to distract PAC but it wasn’t working.

PAC with brutal kicks, ala Bryan Danielson. PAC stood over Kingston and talked trash. Wild Chop and Kick. Saito Suplex to give Eddie a two. Kingston was also hurt.

More Knife Edges by Eddie. Kingston was stunned by PAC. Eddie got planted with a Superplex. 1-2-kick out. Kingston’s Krew were seriously concerned about Eddie’s neck. Kicks by PAC. Running Strike by PAC. Clothesline by Eddie. 2 count. PAC held the ropes to block a DDT. PAC nailed the Black Arrow to take this one to the barn. No, wait….Brutalizer!

Your Winner (by Submission): PAC
Dynamite Score: 93

Lance Archer, with a cool new haircut, came down to the ring. He told the Devil’s Triangle to get on the same page with him. Where was Jake Roberts?

Chuck Taylor vs Miro
“Young Boy Challenge” Match

If Chuck loses, he must be Miro’s Young Boy for an extended period of time. For those who may not know, rookies in Japan often do an indentured servitude to an established star. They are referred to as Young Boys. They carry the star’s bags, as well as doing other menial tasks, as needed.

Kip Sabian was with Miro, while Orange Cassidy seconded Chuck. Trent is out with a torn pec. Chuck jumped Miro from behind.  La Bandera to send Miro over the ropes. Chuck kept popping Miro on the floor. Miró was sent into the barricade. Dang. Miro rolled in and out of the ring. Chuck with a Flipping Tope con Hilo. pounded away on the former Bulgarian Beast. Miro hit the ring post.

Kip took out Orange. Samoan Drop by Miro. Running Elbow into the corner. Miro exploded with punches and a Suplex.  Corner Splash by Miro. Leg Lariat by Miro. Chuck was stunned. Miro with his Thrust Kick to set up his finisher. Game Over! (The Accolade)

Your Winner (by Submission): Miro
Dynamite Score: 89

Dasha interviewed Private Party and Matt Hardy. Matt is now their official manager. Hardy has called it the Matt Hardy Brand. Marq wasn’t happy with giving up 30% of their money to Hardy. Matt promised to make them multi-millionaires. Matt didn’t appreciate their disrespect. Hardy yelled at his charges. Matt ended teh interview on a sour note.

The Inner Circle emerged from the back. Jericho looks to have spent a lot more time in the gym, as of late. He looks better than he has in a long time. The Inner Circle were ready to share their New Year Resolutions…next.

Jericho knew this would be a huge year for his group. He had a full plan set. Jake Hager wanted championships. MJF wanted to strengthen his bonds and get rid of fat people (Jericho?). Ortiz talked about Hispanic food. Jericho’s resolution was that he and MJF would win the tag belts. Santana stepped up and said he and Ortiz were to be THE tag team in Inner Circle. Sammy tried to calm everyone down. He called Jericho ” a tag team slut”. Jeez. That got the chant going and Red almost fell off the couch, giggling. MJF got up in Sammy’s face. Guevara told MJF to shut his mouth. Jericho tried to reel them all back in. Chris said they were a huge team and any two could work together to get the straps. Next week, Jericho and MJF vs Santana and Ortiz vs Sammy and Jake. Sammy Hager? I love puns. MJF said they were all family and were better than everyone else. Santana and Ortiz were showing signs of revolt.

Evil Uno was asked about he future of the Dark Order. Uno said everything will be to pay tribute to their fallen leader, Brodie Lee. Adam Page was brought in to talk with the Dark Order. They wanted to know if/when Page will join the Dark Order. Page will make his decision, next week. Jon Silver was certain that Page would join their cause.

I’m glad to see the Dark Order continue, even though I originally thought they should dissolve after Brodie’s death. Their explanation was very classy and I’m good with them staying together.

We got a profile of the Darby Allin vs Team Taz feud. Taz took offense when Darby rejected Team Taz.  Brian Cage and Ricky Starks have made Darby’s life Hell…until Sting showed up.

Backstage, Dasha talked with The Brotherhood/Elite. They were ready to fight.

Kenny Omega, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs Griff Garrison, Brian Pillman Jr., and Danny Limelight
Six Man Tag Team Match

Don Callis took the stick and talked about putting the Band back together. Instead of the Young Bucks, the Good Brothers came out to join Kenny as part of The Elite/Bullet Club Reunited.

Kenny seemed amused to see the Varsity Blondes.  Everyone thought it was going to be the Jackson Brothers that were coming out. Nope, it was Gallows and Anderson. Tony Khan was not impressed. Tony Schiavone and the other announcers were ticked off. Even the Young Bucks were confused.

The Bullet Club tried to overwhelm their foes but they were caught off guard. Danny went wild in the ring and his partners exploded on the floor. Danny with a Jumping Enziguri to the AEW Champion. Doc got Double Dropkicked and hit with a Stereo La Bandera by the Blondes. Brian Jr. tagged in and tore into Kenny. Tag to Griff. Modified Ax Bomber by Mr. Garrison. The Faces kept with quick tags to keep Kenny off his game. Danny kicked the champ. Doc got a knee into Limelight’s back. Famouser by Omega. Tag to Karl. Full Mount Punches by Anderson. The announcers mocked Impact’s big PPV, this Saturday. Time for Picture in Picture. Sigh.

The B.C./Elite kept the pressure on the Faces. Danny was choked by the boot. Red hates P-i-P too. Mama Dee just went back to watching her “Chicago” shows. Omega kept up the punishment to the young team. Things slowed way down with a rest period hold by Karl. The Good Brothers double teamed their foe to keep everyone down and hurting. The Varsity Blondes got involved with a Triple Splash on Danny.

Limelight with a Rana off the ropes. Kenny prevented a tag. Danny with a Step Up Enziguri. Brian got hte tag and took down all three foes. Griff made the tag. Assisted Blockbuster by the Blondes. Griff missed the Corner Splash. Triple team on Griff. Trio Slam but Griff survived, thanks to Danny. Karl waited for Griff to get up. Shining Wizard but Griff kicked out at two. Doc was ticked. Tag to Danny. Big Kick by Danny. Anderson Spinebuster. Magic Killer.

Your Winners: Gallows, Anderson and Omega
Dynamite Score: 87

Jon Moxley came down to the ring and started kicking behinds. He was so out-numbered but held his own, for awhile. Mox charged Omega and beat his behind. The numbers took over until the Lucha Brothers rushed down to even the numbers. Fenix and Penta tore into the Good Brothers. The locker room cleared out. Paradigm Shift and Tope Suicida by Mox. The Young Bucks rushed down to calm things back down. Mox wasn’t backing down an inch. Superkick Party…by the Lucha Brothers! Omega and Callis hightailed it out of there. SCU and Jerry Lynn also came down to try and help with this. Top Flight was also in the ring. That was wild.

The Waiting Room (w/Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.)

Great. Another talk segment. Rebel welcome us to the waste of….sorry…newest talk segment. Reba/Rebel was wearing goofy looking scrubs. Baker’s first guest is…Cody Rhodes. This was kind of a promo for “Go Big Show”. She made fun of Cody’s neck tattoo.

Cody came out in a green jacket that I would so wear. Actually, I used to wear one similar as the ring announcer for PWD. Baker talked about Cody’s new baby to come. Baker had another guest…Jade Cargill. I can’t stand this chick. Cody was not amused to see her. She snatched the microphone out of Cody’s hand. Jade insulted Brandi. Jade wanted a damn opponent. Jade said she would beat Brandi’s *ss when she returned. Red Velvet came out to get in Jade’s face. Jade pushed her and Red slapped the crap out of her. Chick Fight! Gotta love those little fighters named “Red”. LOL. All the women rushed out to try and keep them apart. Thunder Rosa also got involved. Rosa talked trash to Baker. Thunder challenged Baker to fight her. They will fight on Feb. 3rd at Beach Break. Baker said she was not going to have to fight Thunder Rosa. She signed off from the segment.

Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy Jack Perry vs Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler

It was the J-Express vs FTR. Marko asked to step in for  Luchasaurus. Tully Blanchard escorted his team (FTR) to the ring.

Stunt wanted to open the contest. Collar and Elbow but Stunt was thrown around by Cash. Dax tagged and Jungle Boy took the tag. Marko said he wanted to keep fighting. Dax took Marko to the corner. Stunt shoved Dax like he was 8 foot tall. Slap by Stunt. Dax exploded on he diminutive wrestler. Tag back to Cash. Hair Slam by Cash. They tag Jack. Marko was getting destroyed by the former tag champs. Marko went for a Moonsault but had to change gears. Tag to Perry. Double team on Cash. FTR was so off their game. They obviously underestimated their opponents. Lots of Flippy Dippy stuff to take us to the much hated P-i-P.

Cash and Dax were kept off their pace by the upstart duo.  Double  by The Express. Stereo Hot Shot by Dax stood over Marko and picked him up.. Knife Edge to Stunt. Stunt tried to fight out of the corner. FTR kept Stunt down and away from his corner. Beat down on Stunt as Perry begged for a tag.

Keylock Extended by Dax. Tag to Cash. Snap Powerslam by Wheeler for a two. Stunt was thrown into the corner. Drop Toe Hold on Stunt. 2 counts. Dax kicked the lower back.

Cash tagged back in and picked up Stunt. Gory Special on Marko slipped free and rolled up Cash. Tag to Dax. He prevented the tag. Marko finally got he tag.

Perry with Dropkicks and Roaring Elbows. Lariat by Jack. Back Stabber by Jungle Boy. Knife Edge by Perry. They went up onto the ropes. Huge Rana sent Dax sailing. Cash made the save. Brainbuster by Jungle Boy. Roll Up  but Jack kicked out. Double team by The Express.

Dax blocked Sliced Bread #2. Dax took off the elbow pad and cracked Marko. Dax clubbed away on Marko. Marko with a Back Kick and a Cutter. 1-2-no. Marko was thrown out of the ring. Tully stalked Marko. Marko smacked Dax, multiple times. Tully sent Marko into the corner. Perry came around to go after Tully. Perry was taken out by Cash. Big Rig aka Shatter Machine.

Your Winners: FTR
Dynamite Score: 85

Serena Deeb vs Tay Conti
 NWA Women’s Title Match

Again, AEW reaches across the aisle to open things up for other organizations. Aubrey Edwards was your Zebra in charge.

Collar and Elbow and they jockeyed for position.  Deeb worked over the arm of his challenger. Abdominal Stretch by Tay. Deeb actually helped train Tay. Arm Drag by Deeb. Conti tripped Serena and almost got he win with the Heel Hook. Serena with the Side Headlock. Conti sent Deeb flying.

Knuckle Lock by the women. Deeb took Tay down and worked over the hand. Kip Up by Tay. Triangle Choke failed Conti. Lariat by Serena. 2 count. Detox blocked by Tay.  Jumping Pump Kick by Conti. Serena flew out of the ring. Again, split screen time.

Tay threw Serena back in the ring and kept up the punishment. Serena showed why she is a champion by taking the fight to the younger Conti. Snap Mares by Tay. Monkey Flip as we went to full commercial.

As we returned, the women got back in the ring. Full Nelson Cutter by Tay for a super near fall. Deeb reversed a seated Octopus into a Stretch. Conti got to the ropes. Rib Buster by Serena. Conti was set up top. Back Elbow by Tay. Gory Special in the ropes by Serena. Tay kicked at Deeb.  Pump Kick by Tay. Tay-K-O converted into the Detox.

Your Winner: Serena Deeb
Dynamite Score: 95

One of the best women’s matches that I’ve seen in a very long time. Tay smiled at her friend, Anna Jay. Lots of respect all around.

The announcers ran down next week’s wild card.

Brian Cage vs Darby Allin
TNT Title Match

The F.T.W. title was NOT on the line. WE went to a quick break so I could switch out my laundry. Smile.

This was Darby’s first defense. Taz joined the announce team. Team Taz was banned from ringside for this match. Taz whined about it. Justin Roberts did the introductions.

This was a West Coast battle as Darby is from Seattle and Brian is from Chico, CA. I know the trainer from the Seattle area and he is one of the best.

Darby went right after Cage and took him to the floor. Brian was sent to the barricade. Tope but Cage caught him and nailed a Suplex. Taz was thrilled with his charge.

They got back in the ring and Cage kept up the pressure. Clothesline by Cage. Gorilla Press to throw Darby out onto the table, crushing it. Taz actually giggled at the sight. Darby was busted open, big time. Cage walked up the stairs with him in a Stall Suplex position. He dumped Darby into the ring.

Belt Lift Slam by Brian. Allin was a bloody mess. Release German by Cage. Brian threw Darby into the corner. Cage kept throwing Darby around. Cage punched away at the weakened champion. Allen couldn’t even stand up. Crossfaces as we went P-i-P, again.  

Darby got kicked in the head. Darby woke up and jumped on Cage. He pounded away but Brian quickly dispatched him with a kick and punches. Curls by Cage before tossing Darby aside. The ref thought about ending this massacre. Cage dumped Darby on his head. Cage took Allin to the corner and continued to inflict serious pain on the champion.

Darby got the boots up. Brian planted Darby for a two. Ricky Starks couldn’t believe it. I guess he was allowed to come out. Powerbombs by Brian.  He hit 3 in a row. Darby flipped off Cage as a sign of defiance. Launching Powerbomb by Cage. Cage went out and got Darby. Dead Lift Superplex by Cage. Darby kicked out at one. Wow! Cage was getting frustrated.  Brian adjusted the ring steps. Brian slid Darby into position but Darby got free. Darby bit the hand and Brian fell back onto the steps. Coffin Drop on Brian, on the ring steps. The ref started counting. Cage barely slid in before 110. Darby slapped away on Cage. Cage caught Darby and put him in a Bear Hug. Bite by Darby. Flip Over Stunner. Darby used a belt to tie up Cage. Darby punched away. Lift Drop by Cage. Code Red by Darby for a 2 plus.

Shotgun Dropkick by Allin. 2 count. Allin flew off the ropes. Starks got involved. The lights went out. Sting showed up to take out Starks. He blasted Ricky with the bat. Crucifix Bomb by Darby!

Your Winner: Darby Allin
Dynamite Score: 99

Match of the Night: No doubt. Darby vs Cage

Team Taz freaked out as the snow fell. Sting and Darby held the ring.


–Jay, Red and Mama Dee

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