Impact Score 1/12

A weekly recap and review of the multi-decade sensation, Impact Wrestling.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Red and Mama Dee

“It’s the friends you can call up at 4 A.M. that matter.-Marlene Dietrich

Red found that quote and it is so us. Plus, in the world of pro wrestling, there are a lot of “family” that you can call at any time to help. Scooter, Charlie, Darren, David, Bill and so many others have been there for me. Smile.

Hard to Kill is this week-end and AXS is really pulling out all the stops. They just finished showing Bound for Glory, which was amazing. Now we are getting a preview/Go Home show for the first big PPV of the year.

We started with a look at the brutal feud between Sami Callahan and Eddie Edwards. Alisha is also mixed up in all this.

We also saw the Mafia that bridges both AEW and Impact. The Yung Bucks have joined the Good Brothers and Kenny Omega and Don Callis. They did the “Too Sweet” salute that they were warned never to do again (by WWE’s legal team).

Roll the opening montage!

Taya Valkerie (w/Rosemary) vs Kimber Lee (w/Deonna Purrazzo)

Lee tore into Taya even before the bell. Hip Toss by Lee. Kimber with a Corner Choke. Double Leg by Taya. Lee was sent into the corner. Stomps by the former Knockout champion. Open Hand Slaps by Taya. Reversals and Taya with a Knee Strike. Kimber bailed out of  the ring. Kimber tripped Taya and got back in the ring. Full Mount Punches by Lee. Rosemary was there to cheerlead her friend. Lee with a nice Suplex. 2 count.

Modified Bow and Arrow by Kimber. Body Scissors by Kimber. Pak Song Roll by Kimber (bonus points for knowing who Pak Song is/was). Rear Chin Lock by Lee.

Taya Elbowed her way free and almost got a pin. Lee got her own two count. Rope Choke by Kimber. Knife Edge to Taya but she shrugged off most of them. Yakuza Kick by Lee for a near fall. Kimber clubbed away at Taya and hit a Sidewalk Slam. Kimber went up top and went for the Swanton. She took too long and Taya got the knees up.

Taya with Clotheslines. Spear by Taya but she couldn’t get the three, just yet. Trip by Taya. Surfboard by Taya. That move hurts like crazy, trust me on that one. German with a Bridge by Lee to earn a deuce. Taya with a Ripcord after blocking the German. Taya went all Missing Link in the corner before charging Lee. Deonna got involved and Rosemary went after the champion. Susan walked out from the back. Susan is Su Young’s new persona. Susan took out Rosemary, along with Deonna.  Kimber with shots. Taya was distracted. Roll Up by Kimber.

Your Winner: Kimber Lee
Impact Score: 80 out of a possible 100

The Brotherhood all partied in the RV. Don Callis said he stuck his neck out for this big match. Don didn’t want any distractions. Don wanted Karl to bring back “the Real Machine Gun”. Anderson said he was up to that challenge. Karl said he didn’t need back up against Rich Swann.

Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone did another “paid commercial”. Khan got in tons of shots on Impact. Schiavone ran down the card for tomorrow night. It looks to be a great show. I like the new TNT belt. Khan mentioned that Brian Cage was once an Impact Champion. Khan  poked fun at the Good Brothers. Khan gave an open invitation to anyone from Impact to come to “a real network”. Dang.

We looked at Eddie vs Sami, yet again. They are going to fight in a Barbed Wire Massacre match. I saw this kind of thing coming out of Japan, years ago. I think I may even still have one of the matches on DVD, in my storage.

Josh and Madison discussed how vicious the battle can be. The last one never got past the censors.  They ran down the pending “Hard to Kill” show.

Chris Bey and Rohit Raju vs Manik and Suicide

Manik and Suicide used to be the same character but they were eventually split into two individuals. Several men have donned the skull mask of Suicide. Suicide was created for TNA’s one and only video game (yes, I have a PS3 copy).

Bey and Raju jumped the masked men before the bell. Double team on the X-Champ, Manik. Suicide tripped Rohit. Double team on Bey. Rohit was dropped onto Chris. Bey and Rohit were flipped up and over the ropes. The resident Superheroes were pulled out of the ring. They disappeared under the ring. The ref was so confused. They slid back out and hit Dropkicks. Stereo Dives to take us to break.

Interesting fact: Manik was renamed, due to negative reaction to his Suicide name. The name change came from…”Hollywood” Hulk Hogan!

Manik caught Bey with a Flying Walls of Jericho. Rohit broke it up. All four men got involed. Rohit with a Snap Suplex on Suicide. Stomp by Rohit and tag to Bey. Chris ran the laces across the mask. Knife Edge by Suicide. Knee Strikes by Chris. Rohit with Knee Strikes and a Cannonball. 2 count.

Tag back to Bey. Saito Suplex by Chris for a near fall. Bey laid out Suicide with a hard Kick. Rohit tagged back in and blasted Suicide. Kick by Suicide into a Overhead Throw.

Manik and Bey both got tags. Crossbody and Double Knees by Manik.  Slipstream Kick by Manik. Leap over the top by Manik. Suicide flew off the top and then hit Palm Strikes and a Dropkick to Chris. Octopus by Suicide. The Masked Marvels worked together on the other men. Rohit and Bey clutched hands to break the holds.

It broke down into complete chaos. Rohit with a Back Headbutt to break free from a  hold. Rohit tried to pull off Manik’s mask but Suicide stopped him. Chris with the Art of Finesse (Springboard Stunner).

Your Winners: Rohit Raju and Chris Bey
Impact Score: 93

Taya and Rosemary were not happy about the debut of Susan. Rosemary has a match and asked Taya to not come to the ring with her. Taya needs to focus on Deonna, for Hard to Kill.

(Cody) Deaner (w/Eric Young and Joe Doering) vs Tommy Dreamer (w/Rhino and Cousin Jake)

Dreamer has ditched the Dusty Dots on his ring gear. He has the House of Hardcore logo on his pants leg. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Deaner with punches and kicks. I guess Dreamer nad the dots on his gear, after all. The camera just didn’t show them, at first.

The ref threw out Joe and Rhino.  Deaner jumped Dreamer. They punched away. Eric Young got involved but the ref didn’t see a thing. Cravat by Deaner. Short Arm Clothesline by Dreamer. Flip, Flop and Fly failed Tommy. Elbow Drop by Tommy. Deaner fell out of the ring. The cousins got into it. Cody slapped away at Jake, who tripped him.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Deaner
Impact Score: 75

Rhino came back and laid out Eric and Deaner. Doering also got involved and laid out Rhino. Piledriver to Dreamer. Deaner DDT to Cousin Jake.

We got a promo for the Knockout tag team title return. Tasha and Kiera will battle Havoc and Nevaeh. That should be a good battle.

The Knockout contender teams bickered. Scott D’Amore signed the contract. He then dealt with Brian Myers. He set a match for later.

Tenille Dashwood vs Rosemary

Rosie pulled Dashwood in and hit a Clothesline. Rosie didn’t even take off her ring jacket before tossing Dashwood across the ring. Kaleb wasn’t happy seeing his girl get beaten down. Dashwood was sent into the corner. Whip into a Spinning Side Slam by Rosemary. 2 count. Kaleb sprayed Rosemary in the face with hairspray. Rosie barely kicked out. 2 count for Dashwood. Dashwood twisted Rosie in the ropes. Tenille hit a Neckbreaker in the ropes. Tenille  with a Low Crossbody into the corner. 2 count.

Double Underhook but Rosemary broke free. Sling Blade by Rosemary. The ref started to count the women down. Forearm Shots by both women. Shoulder Tackles by Rosemary into another Sling Blade. Kaleb was nervous. Tenille locked in the Upside Down (Tarantula). Dashwood scooted away from Rosemary. Kaleb tried to help Tenille but failed.  Dashwood with a partial Implant DDT. 2 count. Rosemary blocked the Spotlight Kick. Lariat by Rosemary. Kaleb got up on the apron. Suddenly Crazzy Steve oozed out from under the ring. Kaleb freaked out and ran away. Tenille had the hairspray. Rosemary sprayed Dashwood and hit the Spear.

Your Winner: Rosemary
Impact Score: 78

Rich Swann cut a promo on Karl Anderson.

The North talked about Doc Gallows being out of action for a month or more. Ethan Page said they had this. Karl Anderson has been standing his ground against The North. The North have decided to split up, temporarily. Page is bringing out his Karate Man alter ego. Interesting.

Moose vs Matthew Palmer
Non-Title Match

Moose will get a future title shot against Rich Swann because he quit at Genesis. Palmer came out to face the alleged TNA Champion.

Moose urged Palmer to charge him. He took several shots from the young kid. Dropkicks in rapid succession. Moose blocked a Whip. Knife Edges by the TNA Champ. Hard punches by Moose. Huge Biel by Moose. Moose kept pitching the much smaller opponent around. Palmer tried to punch away but it had minimal effect.

Rear Chin Lock by Moose. Cravat by Moose. The ref forced the break when they reached the ropes. Moose boxed the ribs, over and over. Knee Strike by Moose. Palmer got a Jumping Knee in that stunned Moose. Palmer with an Ax Bomber Knee Strike. Palmer hit another Flying Knee Strike. Uranage by Moose. He hit a 2nd Uranage. Full Mount Punches by Moose. The ref stopped the match.

Your Winner (by ref stoppage): Moose
Impact Score: 75

We got a promotional video about Kenny Omega and Don Callis. It also included the Good Brothers an the Motor City Machine Guns and Rich Swann.

Josh and Madison discussed tonight’s main event. Josh actually used the term “Bullet Club”.

“Machine Gun” Karl Anderson vs Rich Swann
Non-Title Match

This is your Main Event. Gallows, Omega and Callis watched from the RV. Rich danced his way down to the ring. He better get serious, double quick. The Guns watched from the locker room. We took a quick break before the match got rolling.

They went to the corner and Karl was in control. Arm Wringer by Karl. Rich was slammed into the Stomp. Rich began to punch away. Arm Twist by Karl. Karl tore at Rich’s eyes. Rich with bombs to the bald skull of Anderson. Rich was sent into the ring post. Break time (and meds for my meds). So darn many pills for this little kidney. Smile.

Back to the action. Karl twisted Rich’s neck. Karl flipped Swann onto the apron. He then sent Rich to the floor. Rich was dealing with a hurt shoulder. Rich’s arm was slammed onto the apron. Rich’s shoulder was sent into the steel barricade. Karl threw Rich back in the ring. Seated Side Headlock by the Machine Gun. He transformed it into a  Keylock. Rich was in bad shape.

Rich spun to get up on this feet. Karl kept the pressure on the shoulder. Sling Blade by Rich. The Brotherhood was concerned. Forearm by Karl. Rich with a solid punch. They went back and forth with hard shots. It almost turned into a Hockey Fight. Kick by Karl. Anderson crashed into the corner. Rich hit a Back Elbow and hard kick. Back Roll Clothesline but Rich didn’t get it all.  Rich went all Mike Tyson and A.J. Styles on Karl. Step Over Back Kick by Swann. 2 count. Rich’s arm was seriously injured.

Karl dodged the charging Swann. Karl with a Big Boot for a near fall. j Karl was frustrated. Karl went for the  Gun Stun but Rich rolled up Karl for the win.

Your Winner: Rich Swann
Impact Score: 88

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