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  • My Big Break with Gerry Strauss – Indy Star Sassy Stephie

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    It’s all in the VOC family on this episode of My Big Break as Gerry chats with Wrestling vet and host of “Talkin’ Sass”, SASSY STEPH! She reveals all about her journey from bowling alley DJ to ring warrior as part of SHIMMER Wrestling and a generation of women’s wrestling that would set the stage for the phenomenal action that we see on a global level today. From family life to creating an entirely new podcast-driven chapter to her career, the Sassy one reveals all on this week’s “My Big Break!”

  • Talkin’ Sass – Lisa Marie Varon FKA WWE’s Victoria

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    She ain’t the lady to mess with!!! This episode features the wonderful Lisa Marie Varon, which many know as Victoria in WWE or Tara in TNA/Impact. She has numerous accomplishments in pro wrestling including being a 2x WWE’s Women’s champion, 5x Knockouts champion, and on WWE’s 50 Top Women Superstars Victoria came in at #14! Lisa shares a lot of stories from WWE and Impact in this sit down. She discusses her wrestling influences, backstage stories, working old school, Royal Rumble 2021 and we talk about GAW TV which is cohosted with Mickie James and SoCal Val. Go subscribe to their channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYU0gxIViFiZSZkvgxWt2XA She is one of the most fun interviews I’ve done. Full of stories, laughter, and 100% real. Support Talkin’ Sass by subscribing! Also, check out these links below Patreon.com/SassyStephie Twitter.com/SassyStephie Instagram.com/SassyStephie VOCNation.com

  • Talkin’ Sass – Madison Rayne

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    In her first interview since retiring from Impact and professional wrestling, Madison Rayne sits down with me and we take a long stroll down memory lane. Just know a head of time there are a few technical issues with her internet. We share a lot of memories and share stories from her beginnings in a small town Ohio, her independent days, wrestling for the biggest wrestling companies, her wrestling accomplishments, balancing her schedule as a mom, wrestler, and wife, to retiring only a few short months ago – we talk about it all! This is a special episode to me because when I started training in 2006, my first match, and the first couple years of wrestling I was attached to Madison’s hip practically. We haven’t seen each other in so many years. It was so great to catch up with her and talk about her career. Music By: Shane Ivers “Say You Will” If you enjoyed this interview, please help support the show by subscribing. You can also support the show by visiting these links below: Patreon.com/SassyStephie Twitter.com/SassyStephie Instagram.com/SassyStephie VOCNation.com

  • Talkin’ Sass – Shazza McKenzie & Dan Murphy

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    This episode of Talkin’ Sass features one of my favorite Aussies, Shazza McKenzie. She is a former Heart of Shimmer champion, she has been seen on NXT, and AEW where she became an instant meme. Did you know she was on a controversial skit on Australias Got Talent? What was it like for her slightly over a year ago when she traveled to the US and while she was in the air, the world changed? We discuss all of this and so much more. Check out her podcast: That’s So Shazza After Shazza, stick around for Dan Murphy’s monthly pro wrestling history lesson. You will learn about the first ever women’s world champion and also about the man Lou Thez wanted to drop the NWA title to, but the US government wouldn’t allow it! Music: Shane Ivers – Say You Will Silvermansound.com Support the show: Please subscribe to my channel! Patreon.com/SassyStephie Instagram.com/SassyStephie Twitter.com/SassySteohie VOCNation.com

  • My Big Break – Candice Michelle

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    “My Big Break” gives your favorite wrestling personalities a chance to tell the unique, challenging and always-entertaining stories leading up to their rise to stardom. This week, former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle tells all about her journey from Milwaukee to Hollywood, fighting for respect in and out of the locker room, and the REAL legacy of the “WWE Diva Search.”

  • Talkin’ Sass – Molly Holly

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    Molly sits down and talks about all aspects of her career. From her early days as Starla Saxton to shaving her head at Wrestlemania 20 and all points in between. She says when she was invited to a Legends night, how she felt. Being apart of the Women’s Royal Rumble and so much more! She has definitely had a Hall Of Fame worthy career! We also discuss what she has been doing since she left WWE, on being recognized, and on if we could ever see her as a trainer at the Performance Center. Don’t forget to like, comment & subscribe to my channel! You can support the show by visiting the links below Subscribe to my Patreon for extra exclusives from each guest and more starting at only $2 a month! Patreon.com/SassyStephie Twitter.com/SassyStephie Instagram.com/SassyStephie VOCNation.com.

  • Talkin’ Sass – Shelly Martinez

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    From the Californian independent scene to ECW/WWF as Ariel to TNA as Salinas apart of LAX, Shelly tells a lot of great stories about her expierences in and out of the ring. We discuss her Wrestlemania moment(s), how she struggled a lot, speaking carny, how she was on Dog Whisperer, her time in TNA, Dukes Of Hazard, Evolve/Tommy Dreamer and a whole lot more! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! Song by: Shane Ivers “Say You Will” Silvermansound.com Support the show: Patreon.com/SassyStephie Twitter.com/SassyStephie Instagram.com/SassyStephie VOCNation.com.

  • Talkin’ Sass – WSU Originals

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    WARNING: This episode is Explicit! Happy anniversary to WSU 3/3/2007 was the first show of WSU that the Mic ran in New Jersey 14 years later – Amy Lee, Annie Social, Brittney Savage, Marti Belle, The Mic, and myself reminisce about WSU before Mic sold it. We tell stories about Luna Vachon, Serena Deeb, Amazing Kong, Jazz, Jessicka Havok, Allysin Kay, Melina and many others who had come through the doors of WSU. We share our love and admiration for WSU’s locker room leader Mercedes Martinez. We are so unbelievably happy and proud of her and what she is accomplishing now at WWE. Outrageous stories are shared including Luna wanting to destroy some girls, a dildo that was used during a match, being pioneers in the womens wrestling, road trip stories, and a genuine family that grew from that time frame. We break down some of the differences from Mic to Drew and then when DJ took over. Why did some of the other WSU Originals never came back? Support the show by subscribing and visiting the links below. Patreon.com/SassyStephie Twitter.com/SassyStephie Instagram.com/SassyStephie VOCnation.com Music: Shane Ivers – Say You Will Silvermansound.com

  • Talkin’ Sass – Amber Nova & Dan Murphy

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    This episode of Talkin’ Sass is featuring the beautiful Amber Nova. After high school she became an EMT, but gave that up to follow a dream. She drove her Nova from the Carolinas to Orlando where she started training. She has traveled the world and has TV exposure from being on Impact Wrestling and NXT with only 5 years in the business. She is a rising star, one to watch once things get back to normal! Dan Murphy is back for another edition of our Pro Wrestling monthly history lesson. He is giving us two awesome events from the month of February. Don’t forget to subscribe and support the show! Patreon.com/SassyStephie Twitter.com/SassyStephie Instagram.com/SassyStephie VOCNation.com

  • Talkin’ Sass – Delmi Exo

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    Delmi Exo is an out of this world guest. Delmi in 2020 was rated in the top 500 males, top 100 females, and top 50 tag teams according to PWI. At the beginning of 2021 her and her sister (Ashley Vox) were in the Impact Knockout Tag Team Tournament. On this episode we talk about coming up in the business in the New England area, old school wrestling, Tiktok, her accomplishments, and what’s next for her and the Sea Stars Support Talkin’ Sass Subscribe on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9ul089zKXn2vYMl-d0HZ_w/search?query=share Subscribe on Patreon: Patreon.com/SassyStephie Twitter.com/SassyStephie Instagram.com/SassyStephie VOCNation.com.