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  • ECWA War Games Results

    Newark, Delaware, East Coast Wrestling Associaton (ECWA)–Black Atlas defeated Lumberjack Monroe [5:05] … Ricky Martinez (with Magnum and Gus Grand) pinned Cole Callaway [7:57] … Mike Kehner defeated Corey Blaze in a Stretcher Match [8:56] … Mid-Atlantic Champion Mr. Ooh La La (with Jim Shorts) defeated Mike Tartaglia [7:14] via COR in a match with Cole Callaway as guest referee … ECWA Unified Tag Champions Fusion-DS pinned The Slophunters [12:07] … ECWA Heavyweight Champion Papadon defeated Anthony Nese [20:17] … Team ECWA (Chris Wylde, Kekoa, Aden Chambers, and Papadon) defeated Black Heart (Breaker Morant, Bobby Shields, Josh Daniels, and Mustafa Aziz, with Joel Goodhart) in a War Games Match [26:45]. (7/14/12)

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  • Breaking News Update – ECWA “Raising The Bar” Results

    Photo by Stacy Carter


    Newark, Delaware–East Coast Wrestling Association: Bobby Shields (with Joel Goodhart) pinned Cole Callaway [7:56] … Jessie Kaye defeated Tina San Antonio [5:21] … ECWA Unified Tag Team Champions Fusion-DS defeated Azrieal and Bandido, Jr. [12:20] … Kekoa The Flyin Hawaiian pinned Aden Chambers [14:00] … Corey Blaze defeated Mike Kehner [4:13] … Mr. Ooh La La (with Jim Shorts) pinned Mid-Atlantic Champion Mike Tartaglia (with Ricky Martinez and Gus Grande) [8:43] … Tri-State Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion Chris Wylde pinned Breaker Morant (with Joel Goodhart) [16:08] in a Falls Count Anywhere match … ECWA Heavyweight Champion Papadon pinned Adam Cole [27:31]. (06/02/2012)

    Newark, Delaware–“The Greek God” Papadon successfully retained “Big Red” – the East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) Heavyweight Title – against one of independent wrestling’s rising stars, in Adam Cole tonight at ECWA “Raising The Bar” in a nearly 30-minute affair. The only question is … what will “The best unsigned talent in professional wrestling” do next?

    Meanwhile, Papadon’s compatriate and boss Mike Tartaglia had a much more difficult night in the ring, losing his newly bought ECWA Mid-Atlantic Championship belt in just his first title defense, against Mr. Ooh La La. All that, plus a smashingly painful loss for former Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA) Heavyweight Title-holder Breaker Morant in his falls-count-anywhere match with new champion “Heart Killer” Chris Wyle, and a crazy first-time tag team encounter between ECWA Tag Team Champions Fusion-DS and the high-flying team of Bandido, Jr. and Azrieal.

    ECWA “Raising The Bar” was promoted as a night of nearly all first-time-ever matches, and it did not disappoint for the VERY electric Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club crowd.

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  • IN THE ROOM with Short Sleeve Sampson and Papadon

    This week IN THE ROOM on WEXP Philly and www.thebradyhicks.com, Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Brady Hicks is joined by Derrick McDonald as they welcome two very special guests to the show. First up, ECWA Super 8 winner “The Greek God” Papadon checks in to offer his thoughts on making history this past Saturday in Newark, Delaware. Then, Brady sits down for a half-hour chat with Short Sleeve Sampson, of Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling. What are Sampson’s thoughts on working with guys like Pat Tanaka, Brian Knobbs, and THE HULKSTER HIMSELF?! What was it like to be thrown into the national spotlight on a wildly popular wrestling show? What did Sampson think of WWE’s short-lived Juniors division (which he was a part of)? And what is it like to be such a great talent in a niche so widely perceived as having a ceiling? All that and so much more, including Sampson’s thoughts on The Half Pint Brawlers and their criticism of the show. Plus – Brady and Derrick take a special look at the Bellas’ contract situation, Brock Lesnar’s realism, a retro edition of Smackdown, and much more. Thanks, as always, for the support!

  • “Greek God” Papadon wins the 2012 ECWA Super 8 Tournament – Results and Notes

    Photo by SnapMare.com

    East Coast Wrestling Association at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club in  Newark, DelawareBandido Jr defeated Azrieal [10:20] … “The Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron pinned Kyle Matthews [9:53] … Bobby Fish beat ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion Kekoa The Flyin Hawaiian [12:16] by submission in a non-title match … ECWA Heavyweight Champion “The Greeknin God” Papadon pinned Anthony Nese [11:13] in a non-title match … ECWA Tag Champions The Midnight Sensations defeated Fusion-DS and The Flatliners in a Triple-Threat match [15:59], pinning The Flatliners to retain their titles … Bandido Jr pinned Gregory Iron [7:13] … Papadon defeated Bobby Fish [15:27] … Mr. Ooh La La won a Battle Royal [27:33], last eliminating ECWA owner Mike Tartaglia… Papadon pinned Bandido Jr [17:42] to win the  2012 ECWA Super 8 trophy. (04/07/12)

    Newark,Delaware, April 7, 2012–“The Greek God” Papadon made East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) history at the 16th annual ECWA Super 8 tournament tonight, pinning TNA star Anthony Nese, Bobby Fish, and Bandido Jr in one evening to become the first man to walk into – and win – the tournament as ECWA Heavyweight Champion.

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  • IN THE ROOM with Anthony Nese

    This week, Pro Wrestling Illustrated contributing writer Brady Hicks is joined IN THE ROOM on WEXP 1600 AM Philly and www.thebradyhicks.com by budding TNA star Anthony Nese, as he anticipates stepping into the ring for the ECWA Super 8 tournament this Saturday, April 7th, in Newark, Delaware (replacing Amazing Red). Hear what Nese has to say about competing in this prestigious tournament, plus his thoughts on TNA wrestling and the direction it is headed, where it could stand to improve, and the possibility of someday getting in the ring with some of TNA’s big boys. Plus, Brady is joined by Derrick McDonald and Anthony Sarlo as the three break down WrestleMania, talk Raw the next night, and so much more. Thanks, as always, for the support!

  • IN THE ROOM WrestleMania SuperShow with Gregory Iron

    This week, IN THE ROOM on WEXP Philly and www.thebradyhicks.com is proud to present the first ever uncensored ITR SuperShow, as Pro Wrestling Illustrated contributing writer Brady Hicks previews WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami with tons of special guests, returns, and surprises. Plus, standout indie wrestler “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron hops IN THE ROOM to talk all about his career to date, getting an endorsement from CM Punk and Colt Cabana, and the prestige of getting to compete in the 16th Annual ECWA Super 8 tournament, Saturday April 7th in Newark, Delaware. Check it out … and thanks for the support!

  • IN THE ROOM with Kyle Matthews

    This week, THE Brady Hicks is joined IN THE ROOM on WEXP 1600 AM Philly and www.thebradyhicks.com by Derrick McDonald and Mr. Akbaz, as the trio run down WWE WrestleMania, Raw from Philly, The Briscoe Brothers’ potential, and so much more. Plus, indie sensation Kyle Matthews stops IN THE ROOM to talk about his upcoming entry in the 2012 ECWA Super 8 tournament in Newark, Delaware, plus training under both “Nightmare” Ted Allen and the Zero 1 Dojo in Japan, making a name for himself in the big leagues, and so much more. Definitely worth checking it out! On a side, be sure to check out next Tuesday’s LIVE edition of IN THE ROOM … a special, WrestleMania PRE-GAME edition of the show that will feature special guests, returns, and the WrestleMania predictions we’ve all come to know and love so much! Plus, the next competitor in Super 8 will stop by, and a major announcement! Each year, this is one of the most highly rated editions of the show and this year’s IN THE ROOM WrestleMania PRE-GAME edition should be no different!

  • IN THE ROOM with Azrieal and Shazza McKenzie


    This week, Pro Wrestling Illustrated contributing writer Brady Hicks, and Derrick McDonald, are joined IN THE ROOM on WEXP Philly and www.thebradyhicks.com by ECWA Super 8 competitor Azrieal, another trainee of Homicide who is looking to make his mark on Saturday, March 7, 2012 in Newark, Delaware. Check out Arieal’s thoughts on being a part of this prestigious tournament, who he plans to look out for, and who he would LOVE to face. Plus, Australian standout (and, in Brady’s opinion, future WWE Diva) Shazza McKenzie comes in the room to talk all about her US tour, sponsored by www.indygurlz.com and including matches in SHIMMER and the ECWA, plus training with Mike Quakenbush at the CHIKARA school. In addition, Brady and Derrick break down WWE Raw and how WrestleMania is shaping up, take a special look at The Rock’s musical talents, and debate how Zack Ryder has been treated in recent weeks.

    In other news … Brady Hicks announced he is going to Miami for WrestleMania! Will you be joining him?