WSU Originals

WARNING: This episode is Explicit! Happy anniversary to WSU 3/3/2007 was the first show of WSU that the Mic ran in New Jersey 14 years later – Amy Lee, Annie Social, Brittney Savage, Marti Belle, The Mic, and myself reminisce about WSU before Mic sold it. We tell stories about Luna Vachon, Serena Deeb, Amazing Kong, Jazz, Jessicka Havok, Allysin Kay, Melina and many others who had come through the doors of WSU. We share our love and admiration for WSU’s locker room leader Mercedes Martinez. We are so unbelievably happy and proud of her and what she is accomplishing now at WWE. Outrageous stories are shared including Luna wanting to destroy some girls, a dildo that was used during a match, being pioneers in the womens wrestling, road trip stories, and a genuine family that grew from that time frame. We break down some of the differences from Mic to Drew and then when DJ took over. Why did some of the other WSU Originals never came back? Support the show by subscribing and visiting the links below. Music: Shane Ivers – Say You Will

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