Raw Score 1/11

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon (w/Red and Mama Dee)

“The difference between the impossible and the possible is in a man’s determination.”-Tommy Lasorda

Goldberg wants to fight Drew McIntyre for the WWE title. Drew will decide if he should get the fight (expect a yes). Plus, more pieces of the Royal Rumble puzzle will fall into place. And Triple H will open the show, this week.

Finally got rid of all my abdominal staples from the kidney transplant. Sitting here typing is a lot less painful. Smile. Red has been a true blessing as both girlfriend and nurse. On with the show…

We started with highlights from last week’s Legends Night. Honestly, it was a bit of a disappointment. Randy Orton disrespected everyone in sight.

The Game’s music hit and the crowd went wild, by way of the video screens. This is HHH’s first appearance in the Thunderdome, officially.

HHH was digging the chants from the crowd. He welcomed everyone to the show. Randy Orton immediately cut off HHH with his entrance. Wow! I’d hate to have his nerve in my jaw. Randy started talking trash about HHH and Drew. Randy knew his big match got cancelled. Randy wanted the WWE title handed to him. HHH told him to go out and win the Rumble. Randy knew HHH was there to make some kind of announcement. HHH showed he wasn’t afraid of The Viper. Trip liked seeing the return of the Legend Killer persona. Trip was proud that Randy had the guts to burn The Fiend to get closer to the title. HHH said he would have done the same thing. HHH didn’t like the insulting and injuring of Legends. There was no benefit for Orton, so why go there? HHH said Orton is NOT the Legend that Randy thinks he is…he is a no-good Pr*ck. Randy said he is at his prime. Randy suggested he and Triple battle it out. Orton wanted to fight HHH, tonight! HHH said there was no benefit in it for him, so…NO! Orton brought up Stephanie and he accused her of keeping HHH’s testicles in her purse. HHH decked Orton, big time. Randy just laughed from the floor. Looks like we have a Main Event?

The announcers brought up how Ric Flair tripped his own daughter to help Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce. Charlotte told her pop to stay out of her business. Charlotte was interviewed, backstage. Charlotte loves her dad but he knows how Ric can be. Charlotte was ready to go kick Lacey’s behind.

Charlotte Flair vs Lacey Evans

Lacey did a promo before coming out. Lacey talked about Ric Flair. She dedicated her win to Ric. Jeez.

Drew McIntyre has tested positive for The Virus. He is not showing symptoms but needs to stay isolated.  He will be back soon. God Bless.

The bell sounded and Lacey sauntered to mid-ring. Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. They tied up again and Flair kicked out of a pin attempt. Kick by Lacey into a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Flair. Flair with Flair Chops to rock the Sassy Southern Belle. Snap Mare into a 2 count. Push Up Faceplants ala Gail Kim by Flair.

Flair kept hte Head Scissors in place to weaken Lacey. Charlotte used her power to flip Lacey around. Huge right by Flair. Charlotte attacked he left knee and tried for the Figure Four. Lacey got to the ropes.

What the heck? Ric Flair came from the back? He almost danced down to the ring. We went to break as Charlotte looked completely confused.

Lacey stomped away on Charlotte. Ric watched the two women fight. They went to the floor to continue the fight. Charlotte was sent into the barricade. Both slid back in the ring in plenty of time. Evans missed the Knee Drop. Evans pounded on Charlotte. Shinu Numaki by Lacey. Flair with the Back Drop Suplex. Forearms and kicks on both sides. Flair with a vicious Crescent Kick to Lacey. Big Boot missed. Lacey pulled Flair down by her long blonde locks. Evans went after the shoulder of Charlotte. Clotheslines by The Queen. Neckbreaker into a  Fallaway Slam by Flair. Flair went Evans onto the apron.  Big Boot launched Evans to the arena floor. Charloote threw Evans back in the ring. Flair went up top but Evans pulled her down. Natural Selection. Ric put Lacey’s foot on the ropes. Say what? Charlotte called Lacey a Hooker. Charlotte got tripped by Ric and he helped hold her down.

Your Winner: Lacey Evans
Raw Score: 85 out of a possible 100

That was bogus. We get Jeff Hardy vs Elias, next.

Talking about The Virus. I want to send out my deepest sympathies out to David Wilkins of Rivalry Championship Wrestling. He lost his brother, recently, to this horrible Virus. We are here if you need us, brother.

Lacey and Ric were flirting, in the back. That was just disgusting. The announcers were dumbfounded. They switched gears to talk about the great match between Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre. Drew did retain but just barely. They showed respect, only to have Goldberg crash the party.

Keith Lee was asked about coming back from his loss. Before he could say a word, Sheamus came out and said Keith earned their respect. Miz and Morrison walked out to stir the pot. Miz and Morrison wanted to fight Keith and Sheamus. Keith quickly accepted the challenge. Miz and Morrison tried to start a wedge between the two.

Jeff Hardy vs Elias (w/Jaxson Ryker)

Elias said there was a change. So….

Jeff Hardy vs Jaxson Ryker (w/Elias)

Supposedly, Elias was injured while playing his music. Ryker was ready to destroy to show respect to his mentor.  Ryker kicked and threw Jeff around. Ryker crashed into the corner and Jeff ripped off the shirt. Elias jumped up. Roll Up by Ryker for the surprise win.

Your Winner: Jaxson Ryker
Raw Score: 25

Hardy told Elias to get his butt in the ring and face him. Jeff said Ryker is better than Elias.

Elias vs Jeff Hardy

Elias told Ryker to not get involved. We took a quick break. Elias was pounding away on Hardy as we returned. 2 count. Knee Drop by Elias. Clothesline by Hardy. Vintage combo by Jeff. Hardy went after the supposedly injured hand of Elias. Elias blocked the Twist of Fate and hit a Death Valley Driver. Elias ran Jeff into the corner. Forearms by Elias. He then sat Jeff up top. Hardy nailed Whisper in the Wind for a deuce.

Elias pushed away from a Spin Kick. Jumping Knee by Elias. Spin Suplex to give Elias a two.  European Uppercut by the guitar playing virtuoso. Backslide into the Twist of Fate. Hardy went up top for the Swanton!

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy
Raw Score: 85

Sheamus and Keith Lee vs Miz and John Morrison

I liked Keith’s old theme music so much better. Sheamus tore into Morrison with a Dropkick and Arm Wringer. John took the Irishman down. Tag to Lee. Scoop Slam by the big Texan. 2 count. Morrison with a Forearm and tag out.

Miz got nailed and then Lee threw Morrison onto Miz, on the floor.  Sheamus flew off the apron to take both foes out. Sheamus tagged in and Sheamus tagged back in. Bombs Away. Blind Tag by Lee. The turnbuckle exploded when Keith tossed his foe into it. Dang. Break time (and time for all my anti-rejection meds).

Yes, Red came in with a big hug and handful of little pills to keep Callie (my new kidney) healthy. Love that woman so much. So does Mama Dee. Just wanted to share what a special lady she is. Smile.

“Scarp Iron” Adam Pearce gets Roman Reigns at the Rumble? Wow.

Morrison had crashed into the corner when the top rope broke. They fixed it during the break. Sheamus tagged back in and went after Miz.  Sheamus laid out Morrison and then went back to work on Miz. Miz dropped bombs on Sheamus’ skull and then brought in his partner. John with a flurry of hard shots. Miz tagged back in and they double teamed the Celtic Warrior.

Sheamus with a Back Body Drop on Miz. Sheamus wanted a tag but Morrison stopped him. John Elbowed the daylights out of Sheamus. Gator Roll by Morrison. Tag to Miz.

Running Kick by Miz. 2 count. Front Face Lock by Miz. Knee Strikes by Miz. Shamus threw Miz off but Miz with a big kick. Irish Curse by Sheamus. Both men were down and stunned.

Hot Tag to Keith. Morrison also tagged in. Keith took out both Miz and Morrison. Corner Splashes. He threw Morrison into Miz. Grizzly Magnum by Keith. Morrison went for a Disaster Kick but got swatted like a fly. Tag by Sheamus. Brogue Kick!

Your Winners: Keith Lee and Sheamus
Raw Score: 86

They really looked good together. Keith didn’t like that Sheamus took the win but he accepted it. . Big Hugs.

Triple H was asked about the Legend Killer’s Challenge. HHH said he came there as an official. Things change at the drop of a hat so…HHH needs to teach Randy a lesson about respect for the Legends.

Sheamus vs Keith Lee

What the heck? They just won and now they are kicking each other’s butts? The two pounded away at each other. Sheamus snapped Lee over the ropes and hit the 10 Beats (well, most of them). Lee blocked it and nailed a brutal Headbutt. He slipped Sheamus up and into the ring. Lee with his own 10 Beats. Grizzly Magnum. Sheamus dumped Lee out to the floor. Baseball Knee Slide. Belly to Belly, on the floor, by Lee. The ref started the count. Sheamus barely beat the 10 count.

Hammer Throw by Lee. Shot to Lee’s knee as he charged in. Sheamus slammed the left arm into the ring post, over and over. Sheamus stomped on the bad sheel. Fishhook by Sheamus. Keylock by Sheamus. Lee locked his hands to block the move.

Keith fought up to his feet. Lee threw Sheamus across the ring. Double Kick by Sheamus. Keith punched away at Sheamus. They went up top. Sheamus used Knee Strikes and a Headbutt to block the Superplex. Sheamus with a Flying Clothesline. 1-2-no.

Keylock, again, by Sheamus. Cross Armbreaker by the Dublin native. Lee powered up the red headed battler and Slammed him. Spirit Bomb!

Your Winner: Keith Lee
Raw Score: 88

Keith and Sheamus hugged in a show of respect, post match.

Drew McIntyre will answer Goldberg’s challenge…right after these words from the sponsors.

We got a promo for the Royal Rumble. We looked back at highlights of Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee, from last week.  The great match was tarnished when Goldberg tried to steal the spotlight. I really hope Drew takes out the man who hurt Bret Hart. Drew said he wanted to respond to Goldberg’s challenge. Drew said Goldberg disrespected him and the Legends, last week. Drew admitted being a fan of Goldberg, back in the day. Drew said Goldberg let his own legacy down with his actions and words. Drew mocked Goldberg for never holding the WWE title. Drew didn’t want to fight an old man but he changed his mind. Goldberg put his hands on him and now he needs a lesson in respect. Drew accepted the challenge. Drew told Goldberg….Your Next!

Riddle talked about fighting Bobby Lashley in a few minutes. He rambled on about pizza. What the heck?  The Lucha House Party only partially understood Riddle’s rant. Gran Metallik and Lince Dorado told Riddle to watch his back. That confused Riddle. (shakes head).

Xavier Woods vs T-Bar

All of Retribution showed up with T-Bar. They did an insert video. Take off the goofy mask and go back to your old identity.

Kofi Kingston is out injured with a broken jaw. Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock. Shoudler Tackle by T-Bar. Mustafa Ali talked trash from the floor. Push Off and Shoulder Tackle by T-Bar. Clubbing blows by T-Bar. Woods fought out of a lift.  Woods pounded away. Lariat from Hell by the masked man. 2 count only.

Hard Punch by T-Bar. Rear Chin Lock by T-Bar. T-Bar had the knee wedged into the bend of Woods’ neck. Jawbreaker by Xavier. Knife Edges by Woods but T-Bar with a Knee Strike.  Flair Chops and punches by Woods. Woods slid under and Superkicked T-Bar. T-Bar pushed Woods into the corner. Woods ended up on the apron. Enziguri by Xavier. Missile Dropkick and T-Bar just flew out of the ring. That was impressive.

Woods sent T-Bar into the barricade. T-Bar pulled Woods into the ropes multiple times. Torture Back into the Eyes Wide Shut (GTS)

Your Winner: T-Bar
Raw Score: 85

Randy Orton cut a promo about fighting HHH, later in the night.

Riddle vs Bobby Lashley
United States Title Match

Lashley attacked Riddle before the bell. He just trashed the Original Bro. The ref asked Riddle if he could go. Riddle refused to just give up. This was payback for Riddle’s actions, last week. Lashley made Riddle tap out but the ref didn’t see a thing, then. Riddle did a roll up to set up tonight’s match.

When the bell officially rang, Lashley was ready to destroy his hated opponent. Riddle was launched across the ring. He was already spitting up blood. Lashley dumped Riddle onto the top rope and let him fall to the floor. Riddle sent Bobby into the ring post. Flying Knee Strike by Riddle. Floating Bro to the outside. Riddle pitched Bobby back in the ring. Ripcord blocked. Huge Rag Doll Suplex by Lashley. Hurt Lock!

Your Winner (by Submission): Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 50

Riddle said he might have lost to Lashley but he knew he could beat MVP. Montel was almost amused at the suggestion and took off his expensive jacket and got ready to fight.

Riddle vs MVP
Special Challnge Match

MVP decked Riddle. Ballin’! 1-2-kick out. MVP punched away on the weakened Riddle. Riddle with a vicious kick and Flying Forearms. Final Flash Knee Strike. Riddle kicked Lashley in the face. Broton. Lashley with a Spear.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Riddle
Raw Score: 40

Lashley and MVP double teamed Riddle. Flatliner by Bobby. MVP with a brutal kick to the ribs. Whatever.

“Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce won the Gauntlet Match, last Friday. He will battle Roman Reigns, at the Royal Rumble, for the Universal title. A lot of people may not know just how much of a bad *ss Adam has been, over the years. I’ve seen him in action and Roman might get a surprise in a few weeks.

A.J. Styles talked trash to Pearce. Drew Gulak came in and asked to be in the Rumble. Pearce said Drew will have to earn his spot…by beating Styles in the next match.

A.J. Styles (w/Olmos) vs Drew Gulak
Special Stipulation Match

Drew kept Styles off his game. Tiger Driver by Drew. Styles was stunned at how good Drew is. Styles was put up top. Styles slid under to avoid the Superplex. Electric Chair but Gulak reversed it into a Roll Up. Backslide to give Drew a two. Pele Kick by Styles. Controlled Frenzy and a Forearm Shiver. Drew was flipped up and over the top rope. Olmos stood over Drew to intimidate Gulak.

Styles threw Drew back in the ring. Phenominal Forearm.

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Raw Score: 77

We got an extended video package about Goldberg. I have never been his biggest fan. He had a good gimmick but that evaporated like a snowflake in Texas once he moved to WWF/WWE. e did hold the Universal title but lost it back to Brock Lesnar. Most of the feedback that I’ve gotten has been extremely negative about Goldberg taking a deserved title shot away from someone who has been there, paying their dues. Most were hoping for Drew vs Sheamus, including me. In my twisted mind, if they ARE going to let Goldberg win…please let Miz cash in on him!

Keith Lee wanted to chat with Triple H. Lee asked to step in the ring for HHH. Trip saidhe set up this mess and now he needed to clean it up. Lee wanted to take care of The Viper. HHH was determined that he had this. He sounded just like my lovely Red. She says that a lot. “I Got This”.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler vs Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

Insert video by Mandy and Dana. They put themselves into the Women’s Rumble match.

Shayna opened with Mandy. Shayna went after the arm but Dana got the tag. Nia also tagged in and Seam Rolled Dana. Huge Biel by the Island Princess. 2 count in a lax cover. Rear Chin Lock by Jax. Jawbreaker by Dana. Shayna prevented a tag. Shayna was dumped on the apron. Mandy got the tag. Clotheslines by Rose. Flapjack by Mandy. Bum Rush to the corner. Knee Strike by Mandy for another near fall. Jax took the tag and clocked Rose. Samoan Drop. Dana made the save. Shayna took out Dana. Shayna tagged in and locked in the Clutch. Tap Out.

Your WInners (by Submission): Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax
Raw Score: 78

Nia was ticked that Shayna took the win for their team.

Triple H vs Randy Orton
Legend Killer Match

I love the Motorhead t-shirt. My girls weren’t all that familiar with Lemmy and his crew. I went into YouTube and they are now fans, just like me. I’ve missed his entrances. Orton then made his way out to the ring.

HHH must have lost some of his body mass, since he was wearing a shirt. Randy rushed in and HHH went to attack. Randy pounded and kicked. HHH turned the tables and went wild on his former friend.  Kick by Orton. European Uppercut by Randy. Trip fell out to the floor. Randy stayed on him with the Uppercuts. HHH sent Randy into the ring steps. HHH was already winded. HHH sent Randy into the barricade. Orton’s head was bounced off the ring steps. Randy came up with a rash on his face. HHH dropped Randy on the announce table. HHH pitched Randy back in the ring and then found his legendary sledge hammer.

Back in the ring, the lights started doing The Fiend thing. Suddenly, the head of the hammer burst into flames. The lights then completely went out. The arena was bathed in an eerie pink-purple glow as the hammer went out. The mixed up Firefly Funhouse music rang out.  Alexa Bliss was in the ring. She threw a fireball right into Randy’s face. I’ve had one of those throw in my face, many years ago. Thankfully, it didn’t cause me any harm but it scared the willies out of me. Tough Tony taught me how to do it but I never could. Randy rolled around in sheer agony. Fade out.

David: We are praying for you and the family
Paula: Happy Birthday, hun
Carolyn/Kent: Thanks for the support


–Jay, Red and Mama Dee

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