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  • An Open Letter from Nick Cvjetkovich (aka Sinn Bodhi, Kizarny)

    [Ed. Note- This Saturday, I will be sitting down for a what i expect to be a very emotional interview with Nick, for the PWI blog.]
    Photo by Nick Cvjetkovich

    Shawn McGrath aka The BADSEED
    by: Nick Cvjetkovich

    Selfishly, I miss my close friend Shawn McGrath, he is no longer here for me to play with. Shawn took his own life January 26th, 2011 R.I.P.

    Wednesday January 26th I received a call from Shawn’s idol… a concerned & confused Al Snow… Who, like myself along with several of Shawn’s other closest friends had r…eceived a disturbing text… “My name is Shawn McGrath… The door is unlocked and there is a letter explaining everything.” Al and I both hoped it was a terrible joke—that it was Shawn being the BADSEED— but it was not…
    We all scrambled to call 911… Police were dispatched… It was too late… That text was NOT a cry for help… It was a good bye…

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