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  • Will WWE make Punk their new Undisputed Champion?

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    Hi everyone, long time no ramble. I’m back and like everyone else I’m looking at the giant and almost certainly doomed PPV looming on the horizon. The entire show has been built around one angle. A rushed but still potentially great angle that begs the question, do WWE have the balls to have CM Punk go over Cena at SummerSlam? Continue reading  Post ID 4861


    This week IN THE ROOM, Brady Hicks, DJ, and Anthony Sarlo take a look at the past week in wrestling, including the release of Chavo Guerrero, more thoughts on Warrior/Hogan and TNA/Impact’s Bound for Glory and Destination-X tournaments, and the ROH and WSU i-ppvs. Thanks for the support!

  • WM Thoughts Guest Perspective

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    Raw was awesome. OK maybe not the entirety of the show, the opening was atrocious, but Christian and Edge together, HBK making an explosive entrance and getting involved in what was the best confrontation of the night up until… The Rock. I’m not even sure what can be said about The Rock except that he made everyone including Edge/Christian, HBK, Hunter, and The Undertaker look like undercard players and he made Cena and The Miz (or however you spell his name) look like amateurs. From the moment he hit the walkway, he had the arena in the palm of his hand. Check that, he had the arena and me (and plenty of people I follow on Twitter) in the palm of his hand. After watching that last night I am really excited about Sunday night.
    If I did have a complaint about it though, the actual wrestling was minimal (maybe 15 minutes out of 135) and the stuff not involving the “old” superstars was kind of meh… I actually dozed off during the Big Show and his happy band of ethnicities. But I can say this, if The Rock is going to be around more than just Wrestlemania and next night, I may very well be back on board.

  • IN THE ROOM with Sunny

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    This week, upcoming WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch comes IN THE ROOM to talk with Brady Hicks about being the youngest inductee in WWE’s history, plus her thoughts on becoming somewhat involved with WWE once again, and her hosting duties for April’s ECWA Super 8 tournament. All that, plus Brady and the gang talks WrestleMania and Christian’s possible involvement, other WrestleMania/Hall of Fame news, and Jeff Hardy’s current situation. Check it out at thebradyhicks.com!

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  • IN THE ROOM with KIZARNY (originally aired March 15, 2010)

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    Due to technical issues beyond Brady Hicks’ control, this week’s IN THE ROOM podcast came up as a corrupt file. In its place will be a special “Retro” edition of the show in which Sinn Bodhi (formerly WWE’s Kizarny) stops by for a visit, from March 2010. If you were ever curious about The Undertaker backstage, karaoke with Sweet Daddy Siki, genetics involving Jake The Snake and Doink, or Christian’s love life, then this is the show for you. The guys also took some time to further speculate on WrestleMania XXVI, as WWE’s promotion for the event entered its home stretch.


    The ECWA’s 15th Annual Super 8 tournament will take place live on Saturday, April 30, 2011 from the Greater Boys’ and Girls’ Club in Newark, Delaware. Check back here in the coming weeks and months as more information on the prestigious tournament is announced.

    Photo by Joe Zanolle/ECWA

    Over the years, dozens of wrestling’s top stars have made a name for themselves and used Super 8 as a launchpad for their careers, including: Amazing Red (’02), Austin Aries (’04), Daniel Bryan (’01), Rob Conway (’07), Consequences Creed (’10 Winner), Christopher Daniels (’99, ’00 Winner, ’04 Winner), Crowbar (’97-’99), Shawn Daivari (’04), Simon Diamond (’98 Winner), Sonjay Dutt (’07), Robbie E (’07), Nick Dinsmore (’10), Charlie Haas (’06), Jeff Hardy (’99), Matt Hardy (’99), Kazarian (’03), Brian Kendrick (’01, ’03), Billy Kidman (’97), Alex Kozlov (’08), Paul London (’03 Winner), Low-Ki/Kaval (’01 Winner), Jerry Lynn (’07 Winner), Shannon Moore (’08), Prince Nana (’09), Jamie Noble (’02), Psychosis (’04), Ricky Reyes (’04), Davey Richards (’06 Winner), Robert Roode (’02), Chris Sabin (’03), Scotty 2 Hotty (’98), Shark Boy (’00), Alex Shelley (’05), AJ Styles (’02), Petey Williams (’05 Winner), and Christian York (’99).

    Tune in to IN THE ROOM in the coming weeks – STARTING JANUARY 18TH – as a new competitor for the tournament will be announced, profiled, and interviewed each week.

    ECWA’s final two shows before the tournament will take place on 1/15 and 3/5, also at the Greater Boys’ and Girls’ Club.

  • Jim Kettner retires from promoting ECWA, TWA Promoter Mike Tartaglia takes over ECWA Promotion

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    After 43 years of promoting pro wrestling under the East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) banner in the state of Delaware, Jim Kettner has retired from the ECWA. Kettner promoted his first show in 1967 in his backyard and went on to run one of the most successful, consistent, longest running, reliable and recognized independent promotions in the United States.

    Kettner was originally trained to wrestle by Victor Riviera, Joe Alfano and Bulldog Brower. Kettner wrestled for some local independent groups in the late 1970s-early 1980s, but spent most of his time since 1967 developing the ECWA. In the early days, Kettner did wrestle on his own ECWA shows and is a 2-time ECWA Tag Team Champion. Kettner also has done some part time training, promoting and other jobs for World Wrestling Entertainemnt (WWE) over the years.

    The ECWA is known for many quality talents that have come through the promotion over the years, where Kettner had a hand in training and honing their skills. Men like Charlie & Russ Haas, Christopher Daniels, Bryan Danielson, Billy Kidman, Steve Corino, Christian, Simon Diamond, and Test as well as hosting appearances by some of the bigger name talents.

    The ECWA is best know for it’s Super 8 tournament that was established in Feb 22, 1997 and recently hosted it’s 14th annual event on July 10, 2010. The list of wrestlers that have competed in the Super 8 over its history is a who’s who in wrestling, men like Jeff & Matt Hardy, Austin Aries, Bryan Danielson, Davey Richards, Ace Darling, Simon Diamond, Reckless Youth, Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles and many more. In fact, the original Ring of Honor (ROH) style of matches were patterned after the Super 8 styles of matches in the early 2000’s and in fact many, many of the talents that Kettner brought to the East Coast for the first time went on to ROH and later Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling and WWE.

    Jim Kettner’s last ECWA show was August 14, 2010. At his request and insistence, Kettner left quietly and with no fan fare, as he has never been one to put himself in the spotlight. Jim wanted to convey his thanks and gratitude to all the folks over the years that have been part of the ECWA family and have supported it so faithfully, from the staff, to the ring crew, to family and friends, to the sponsors, to the wrestlers and most importantly the fans. Jim said that Jim Kettner is not the ECWA, that no one person is the ECWA, that the ECWA is the collective group of all the people who have been a part of it over the years.

    The transfer of daily operations from Jim Kettner to Mike Tartaglia was arranged by Joe Zanolle. Zanolle, a former pro wrestling referee and currently a photographer for Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) magazine and booker for Mike Tartaglia’s Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA) at www.twaprowrestling.com, hase been attending ECWA shows for over 10 years and has also served as a photographer for the ECWA. The current TWA mirrors the ECWA in many ways as both are family shows that showcase some of the best independent wrestling performers on the East Coast.

    Tartaglia and Zanolle plan to run the TWA and ECWA shows as separate events, retaining both names and changing as little as possible, using many of the same names and keeping the rosters separate for the forseeabel future while there will be some talents switched from one promotion to another and some talents will appear in both promotions. Tartaglia and Zanolle will maintain many of the ECWA traditions, including it’s most highly visible event, the Super 8 which will celebrate it 15th year this year.

    The TWA will continue to be based out of the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, New Jersey while the ECWA will continue to be based out of the Newark Boys & Girls Club in Newark, Delaware.

    Mike Tartaglia was a wrestler (Mike Bruno) in the original TWA in the early 1990’s and competes sporadically in the current TWA. Tartaglia ressurected the current TWA with a reunion show on October 24, 2009 and has run shows in South Jersey and Pennslyvania over the last year. The TWA has used WWE legends such as Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, Ax & Smash “Demolition,” Al Snow, the Kat/Stacy Carter and Kamala, TWA Originals like “Hitman” Tony Steston, “The Beast” Glen Osbourne and “The Living Legend” Larry Winters, kid’s favorites such as Shockwave the Robot, Mr. Ooh La La, The Blue Meanie and Kid America and great local independent talent like TWA Champion Breaker Morant, TWA Tag Team Champions “The Best Around” TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell, the Logan Brothers, and “Mr. Wrestling” Steve Corino w/ Rob Dimension. The TWA has also raised awareness and funds for several charities and has appeared in Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) magazine, The NJ Gloucester County Times Newspaper, the NJ Courier Post Newspaper and on NBC Philly CW57 and NJ 95.7 BEN-FM.

    Tartaglia is also a local South Jersey business man and has owned several of his own businesses over the last decade.

    For more infomation on the TWA visit
    email tristatewrestlingalliance@yahoo.com
    call 856-232-9332 (Hair By Dezign ask for Mike)

    For more information on the ECWA visit
    email inquire@ecwaprowrestling.com
    call 856-232-9332 (Hair By Dezign ask for Mike)

  • In the Room with Coach Jim Shorts

    This week on In the Room, Brady Hicks, DJ, and Kevin McElvaney talk TNA Victory Road, WWE Nexus, and the top women wrestlers in the world for Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Female 50 List. All this and ECWA manager extraordinaire Coach Jim Shorts pops in to chat about Super 8 Saturday and a variety of other topics.