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  • IN THE ROOM: Stacy Carter / Jerry Lawler Heart Attack Episode, plus Tony Mamaluke (2012)

    Brady Hicks catches up with Stacy “Kat” Carter in this 2012 episode where she talks about her ex husband and close friend Jerry “The King” Lawler’s massive heart attack on Raw at the WWE commentary table. Plus ECW’s Tony Mamaluke!

  • IN THE ROOM with Stacy “The Kat” Carter (with Jerry Lawler Update), ECW’s Tony Mamaluke, and NEW Announcer Gerry Strauss

    Wow … just wow. This week IN THE ROOM, Brady Hicks is joined by Stacy “The Kat” Carter (excerpts below), as she updates the fans on Jerry Lawler‘s health situation. The gang also welcomes former ECW star Tony Mamaluke, as he runs down a fantastic career that spanned ECW, WWE, WCW, and TNA. What are Tony’s thoughts on his extreme legacy, being a “comedy” guy, extreme reunions, and being a part of the East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA), where he will make his debut this Saturday, September 15th at the ECWA 45th Anniversary Show in Newark, Delaware. Plus, Northeast Wrestling (NEW) announcer – and Brady’s PWI colleague – Gerry Strauss hops IN THE ROOM to  talk about NEW’s “Wrestling Under the Stars” show, September 15th in Fishkill, New York … a show that will feature Hulk Hogan! In addition, Brady and the gang offer up the WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view predictions, and so … much … more. Thanks, as always, for the support!

    But before any of that, though, Brady, Derrick McDonald, Mike Bessler, and Ray Bogusz are joined IN THE ROOM by a good friend of the show, Stacy “The Kat” Carter. Carter is a former WWE Diva, and the ex-wife and good friend of Jerry “The King Lawler … which gives her a very good perspective on the Lawler nightmare from Raw this week. Stacy hopped on the phone with Jerry’s girlfriend tonight … then called IN THE ROOM to update the fans on how he is doing. Excerpts below:

    On Jerry Lawler’s Condition:
    “Right now he’s stable, being responsive with a tube down his throat. He’s squeezing people’s hands, nodding his head. He can point out where he’s hurting, stuff like that. The next step is to wait for the test results  to comeback tomorrow, the scan on his brain to see what – if any – brain damage he may or may not have. And that’s pretty much it. He’s still critical but stable. He’s strong and he’s stubborn, so if anybody can pull through its him.”

    On The Amount of Time it Took for CPR to Work:
    “WWE’s doctor was there when Jerry collapsed and fell out of his chair. He started CPR. From what I’ve been told is Jerry did not regain consciousness there. They did revive him there, but it took a long time – 15 minutes. It took a long time to bring him back. But he’s back now, he’s lightly sedated, and they’re taking him off the ventilator. He’s not in the heavy sedation that they had him in.”

    On it Happening on LIVE TV:
    “Jerry would be dead right now if it did not happen where it happened. Stuff like that just keeps running through my brain. Jerry normally grabs something – some food – on the way back to the hotel … fast food or if the bar is open, and he eats, then he’s there by himself. But this could have happened just two or three hours later and nobody would have been there with  him and he wouldn’t be here right now. Or he could have been driving to the arena or flying to Montreal. If it had to happen, I’m very thankful that it did there.”

  • TWD Inside the Wrestler’s Studio: ITWS: Why Jerry Lawler Should Win the WWE Championship

    By this time next year, Jerry “The King” Lawler should have a reign as WWE Champion under his belt.

    That’s a weird idea, isn’t it? In an era where there’s so much emphasis on making new stars and building up the next generation of talent, it would seem counterproductive to put the company’s most prestigious championship on a 62-year-old Hall of Famer who’s spent most of his WWE career at the announce position instead of the ring.  Nevertheless, it should happen. Putting the title on Lawler gives WWE a chance to tell a story that’s not only compelling, but also inspiring and heart warming.

    Despite being an announcer first, Lawler has always had a presence in the ring during his WWE career. Over the last 15 years or so that presence has increased and decreased depending on story lines, roster depth, and whether a young talent could benefit from working with him. Only recently have we seen him lock up with main eventers like the Miz and CM Punk. Lawler even challenged Miz for the WWE Championship on his 61st birthday in November 2010, then again at the Elimination Chamber pay per view the following February. And of course, his lengthy feud with Michael Cole made for some memorable and even emotional television, if not a fantastic pay per view match.

    What this has all equated to is a gradual shift in the way fans have been trained to perceive Lawler. Three or four years ago, putting the title on Lawler would have been a cheap stunt to get some quick attention from old school wrestling fans. Now? You can certainly argue that it would still be a stunt, but it would also be the fruit bore from a seed planted and nourished over the course of several years. From a mark’s perspective, Lawler winning the title would still be a long shot, but it’s not nearly as far fetched as it was a few years ago.

    Mind you, it can’t happen any time soon. CM Punk’s reign as WWE Champion needs to last through the year at the very least. My assumption is that he’s going to drop the belt to The Rock at the Royal Rumble, then we’ll see Cena take it at Wrestlemania. I’m thinking some time in the summer of 2014. Assuming Cena is still the all America hero at that point, you probably don’t want him to be the one Lawler beats. These days the King’s old school wrestling persona works best when it’s matched against a conceited, disrespectful villain who can cut scathing promos. That makes CM Punk the most likely candidate for the job, but we shouldn’t forget guys like Alberto Del Rio, the Miz or even Wade Barrett. Lawler could also be put into a multi-man title match, which would allow the creative team some leeway in terms of having him beat a current superstar.

    "Did anyone else pick 'He Hate Me' in the first round of this year's fantasy football draft?"

    But man, oh man…what a moment it would be. Fans have a much more personal connection with Jerry Lawler than they have with any other wrestler, because he spends most of his television time indirectly talking to them via the announce position. He’s been with us for so many amazing, memorable, funny, and even tragic moments. When Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Batista won their first WWE Championships, he was there with us. When Mick Foley flew off the cage, he was there with us. When we mourned the loss of Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, he was there with us. Consider how many times we’ve invited him into our homes over the years. We know him so personally that to see him with the WWE Championship would almost be like seeing a brother or an uncle win it.

    Having Lawler hold the title would also give the image-conscious and kid-friendly WWE a nice inspirational human interest story to feed to the press. A 60-something-year-old wrestler wins the big title after over 40 years in the business? That’s PR gold, right there.

    Lawler obviously wouldn’t be a long term champion. Give him a month with the title, at most. But it has to be the WWE Championship, or more accurately, whichever title is associated with Monday Night Raw. They can’t chicken out and make him the Smackdown champ. No disrespect to Smackdown. But if they’re going to do this, they have to go all out.

    Clearly, Lawler isn’t a saint. He’s had his issues over the years, mostly with women. But can you honestly tell me that after all these years, and all he’s done for the business, that he doesn’t deserve it? Imagine the crowd reaction. Imagine Lawler’s reaction! Think of the raw emotion that it would emit from all parties involved. It could very well go down in history as one of the most touching moments in WWE history. Would it fit in with the company’s youth movement? No. Would it make for some interesting television and a great story? Absolutely.

    Rob Siebert was the Associate Deputy Chief of Breaking News and Noteworthy Events for the website formerly known as The Wrestling Daily. These days he is part of the “brain trust” over at PrimaryIgnition.com.


    This week IN THE ROOM, Brady Hicks and DJ take a special look back at Brady’s trip with the VOC Nation to Atlanta, Georgia, for the NWA Legends FanFest, then address WWE’s upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view and the company’s shocking lack of buildup for what should be WWE’s second-biggest show of the year. All that, plus Don West answers listener feedback, and much, much more!

  • IN THE ROOM with Larry Zbyszko

    Logo by Anthony Sarlo

    This week, “The Living Legend” himself, Larry Zbyszko steps IN THE ROOM with Brady Hicks, DJ, and Kevin McElvaney to look back at his more than 30 year career in the wrestling business. Check it out as Zbyszko looks back on mentoring under (and turning on) Bruno Sammartino, his war of words with Chris Jericho, the instrumental role he played in WCW’s rise and the New World Order’s emergence, and his thoughts on how to change the business for the better. Plus, the guys offer their WrestleMania thoughts and predictions.

    On Keeping Up With The Business:
    To be honest, I just don’t find wrestling entertaining the way it is right now. I just don’t watch it. I wish it was better for the new generation, it could be great but they make the guys look like morons. I just don’t watch it because it’s all silly. There’s no suspense. You can see the same crap you saw tonight any night. Boring. They’ve just gotten stale because what they are doing today is the same thing they were doing 15 years ago. I can honestly say for any of these young guys coming up that I can see why they’d rather get involved in that Ultimate Fighting.

    Continue reading  Post ID 30895

  • Big Name Returns=Bigger Problems.

    Photo by WWE

    Ever since the Rock came back a few weeks ago everyone has been getting pumped about WrestleMania and what his role will be. Unfortunately no one knows his role despite everyone on RAW never shutting their mouths talking about it. His return has gone from being something of great excitement to really adding nothing major to the current WWE. And really that is true of all the big name returns so far. Continue reading  Post ID 30895

  • IN THE ROOM with Jamie Dundee (1/3)

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    Photo by World Wrestling Insanity

    This week, former WWF, ECW, WCW, and USWA star – and PG13 member – JAMIE DUNDEE steps IN THE ROOM with Brady Hicks and the gang to address Joey Styles’ recent comments toward him on WWE 24/7. Find out Jamie’s thoughts on everything from his past, present, and future, some of the enemies he has made in his career, and why in the world Styles would ever target him in such a manner. Special thanks to Young John, who stepped in for the sick DJ. Check it out at thebradyhicks.com.

    On Joey Styles’ Comments:
    I’m not gonna attest that I’m a saint. I’m not even here to say the things he said aren’t true. I’m just here to say that it’s not his place to say that. When a clown like that calls me out in my name, I am the one to answer. I feel like I have to step up and say I accept your challenge. He’s got all those billion dollar cameras there but nobody knows who Joey Styles is, I guess he needs fifteen minutes to ride on Jamie Dundee’s shoulders. That’s just what I have to say about this whole issue.

    On Learning from His Father, Wrestling Legend Bill Dundee:
    Everybody knows that my father and I butted heads my entire career.

    On His Own Image:
    Everything that I did – right or wrong – I accept the consequences for it. I’m just a redneck guy, I never claimed to be anything different. It’s just crazy ass Jamie Dundee. He’s nuts. Everybody knows that. Take him or leave him. I’m not the type to go behind your back.

    Plus, Dundee’s shocking comments about Jim Ross, working for the WWF, and the strange, concluding confession that he’s really left a lot of his past anger behind him.