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  • IN THE ROOM with Nick “U-Gene” Dinsmore (2010)

    This week on IN THE ROOM (2010), Nick Eugene” Dinsmore stops by and offers his thoughts on everything from The Rock to Kurt Angle to Hulk Hogan to John Cena, plus the honor of competing in ths year’s ECWA Super 8 tournament, and the pleasures of eating with Kenny Bolin. Another great interview!

  • Who’s Slamming Who with Tommy Fierro, Vito LoGrasso: John Cena, Sr (2014)

    The program that launched many of the top wrestling podcast personalities of today:  Who’s Slamming Who with Tommy Fierro.  Join Tommy each week as he talks to the top stars and biggest legends in professional wrestling history. This week he welcomes Johnny Fabulous, who is better known as the father of WWE star John Cena!

  • John Cena Marrying Nikki Bella?

    The US E! Online website posted two video clips from this past Sunday’s Total Divas After Party reunion show. John Cena discusses Nikki Bella moving in with him, noting that she is much more that a roommate to him, and that he is truly in love with her. When asked by Renee Young if he would propose to Nikki, Cena answered, “No.”

    Brady’s POV: If they stay together, he will. They always get what they want in the end, especially when they look like that.


    IN THE ROOM is back once again with a brand new episode … nothing but wrestling talk and callers caller. Rippin’ and tearin’ through the wrestling scene like no other, Brady Hicks, Derrick McDonald, and Ray Bogusz talk Punk-Cena and their legacy and comparisons to past feuds, piledrivers, TNA’s flaws, Ring of Honor as a WWE feeder, Donald Trump in the Hall, The Undertaker got “it,” Ratboy making out with Stacy Carter, and so … much … more! Thanks, as always, for tuning in!

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  • ITR On the Go: When Undertaker Returns, There is Only One Feud He Should Want

    Photo by WWE

    About a month ago, in my monthly column for The Color Commentator, I made a passing comment that the Big Show had done something I’d thought wouldn’t happen: He completed the Grand Slam by winning the Intercontinental championship in April. I realize that that’s an odd way to start off a column that features the Undertaker in the title, but I’ll get to that.

    At some point, the Undertaker is going to come back to WWE. It may not be until November—it might not even be until January—but at some point this winter, Undertaker is going to come back to the ring. That’s just what he does. That’s just how his schedule works. And because he’s Undertaker—because he’s pretty much done it all and been one of the all time greats—he can do that; for better or worse—right or wrong—we’re going to watch.

    We’re going to watch because the Undertaker is one of those transcendental stars—like Savage or Sammartino—who will be looked at decades later as being one of those who reached a level of greatness unattainable to nearly all wrestlers. But we’re not going to get anything out of it.

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  • Inside The Wrestler’s Studio: John Cena, Motivation and the Value of Gold

    “What’s my motivation?”

    If you’re an actor, that’s one of the first questions you ask yourself before approaching any given scene. What’s my motivation? What is it that makes my character do the things he’s doing? What is he trying to accomplish? What’s his end goal? What drives him through the scene? It can be something as mundane as making a sandwich, or as vast as solving world hunger. It all depends on the character and the scene.

    Regardless of what you want to say about the sport element of professional wrestling (and I’m not discounting that at all), the fact is that pro wrestlers are actors.  In many ways, they’re the best kind of actor because they have to give a fresh performance every time they appear on their stage. But just like any other actor in a scene, wrestlers need to fuel their characters with motivation. Thankfully, this isn’t too hard as every pro wrestler has two core motivations that are with them from their very first match to their final night in a ring:

    1. Overcome your opponent and win the match. Pretty obvious, right? It’s the fuel for almost every segment of every wrestling show, ever. Sometimes it gets pushed into the background when you’ve got a character with a more sadistic edge (Kane comes to mind) or if they’re playing up the personal animosity between two wrestlers more than the actual wrestling match. But usually it all comes down to winning, whether the match is on that night’s show, or they’re building to it at a pay per view.
    From there, we build toward our second motive, which can be a bit subdued depending on a wrestler’s placement on the card…

    2. Become Heavyweight Champion. No matter what promotion they work for, where they are on the card, no matter how their skills stack up to everyone else’s, every wrestler’s end goal must be to become that promotion’s Heavyweight Champion. It’s why you work so hard to win your matches, so you can advance up the card and inch closer and closer to the big title. Tag team titles, Intercontinental titles and the like are all great, and definitely carry their own brand of prestige. But at the end of the day, they all play second fiddle to the ultimate prize. It’s the holy grail, the ultimate honor. It signifies that you’re the best at what you do. This is especially true when it comes to WWE, the brightest and most widely seen stage in the industry. A professional wrestler can’t get a higher honor than to hold the WWE Heavyweight Championship (or whatever belt happens to hold the top spot on Raw). Stone Cold Steve Austin used to say something to the effect of: “If you’re not here to win the World Wrestling Federation Title, then you’re in the wrong line of work.”

    With all of that being said, let’s take a look at the matches that have main evented every pay per view broadcast by WWE this year…

    ROYAL RUMBLE: Royal Rumble Match
    ELIMINATION CHAMBER: John Cena vs. Kane in an ambulance match
    WRESTLEMANIA: John Cena vs. The Rock
    EXTREME RULES: John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar
    OVER THE LIMIT: John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis
    NO WAY OUT: John Cena vs. The Big Show in a steel cage match
    MONEY IN THE BANK: John Cena and four other guys in a ladder match
    SUMMERSLAM: John Cena vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship

    Image credit: The freakin' Internet.

    Let me emphasize that I’m NOT a Cena hater, nor do I believe that the Heavyweight title needs to be the main event at each and every show. Sometimes the belt has to take a back seat to dream matches (Cena/Rock, Cena/Lesnar), matches that involve authority figures and could change the status quo (Austin/McMahon, WWF/Alliance, Cena/Laurinaitis…maybe), or even sometimes just to break up the pattern a bit. But it’s been a whole year, and thus far the only time we’ve seen the WWE Championship (presumably) positioned to be in the main event of a pay per view is when John Cena, the main who’s main evented each and every pay per view, is in a position to challenge for it. That’s bad for a variety of reasons.

    Though Punk has (out of the character) shrugged off his placement on the card, saying it’s the quality of his matches that ultimately makes him a main eventer. While I understand and respect what he’s saying, the championship’s placement on the card DOES matter. One or two big shows in the sub main event position is one thing. But when it becomes a consistent pattern it starts to subtly tarnish the value of the title.

    Ric Flair talks about this from an old school perspective in his book, To Be The Man. In so many words, he says the champion should always be the last person we see enter the arena at a show. He’s the most important person there. He holds the holy grail. He’s the champion! Flair added that he couldn’t picture a promoter telling a champion like Harley Race that he had to go out first so Shawn Michaels could dance around in his chaps.

    Fundamentally speaking, we’re seeing this problem with John Cena and CM Punk right now. To be fair, it’s not necessarily a problem that’s exclusive to Punk. Any babyface would have a hard time keeping his spot with Cena on the same card. Either way, the booking is subconsciously (or perhaps not so subconsciously) telling us that the WWE Championship is NOT the most valuable prize on the show, John Cena’s attention is. Kane attacks Cena? He’s in the main event despite having been gone for months. Big Show punches Cena at a pay per view? Instant top of the fold headline. At this month’s Money in the Bank pay per view, a match about wrestlers trying to earn a shot at the title got the top spot on the card, over a match that was actually being contested for the title. Why? Because John Cena was in it.

    As an actor, John Cena's motivation is to make awful, awful movies.

    This is one of the reasons people don’t like John Cena. He’s gotten so big that he overshadows almost everything and everyone else on the show, making all their battles to be the champion and stand on top of the proverbial mountain effectively obsolete. If one guy gets treated like the champion whether he’s got the belt or not, then what’s the point of even having a championship at all? And if there’s no point in having a championship, then there’s no point in having all these wrestlers wrestle. So why even show up?

    I understand that professional wrestling exists in a bizarre, impossible surreality. But if left unchecked, little details like these have the ability to deflate tension from scenes and story lines by unintentionally placing doubt in the audience’s mind about the importance of some of the things that are at stake when we’re watching. If we’re doubting whether or not something’s important, we inevitably start to not care about it. And not caring about something that’s supposed to be the Holy Grail of professional wrestling?

    Yeah, that’s a problem.

    Another problem? The fact that this big Irish guy is walking around with a big gold belt claiming he’s the World Heavyweight Champion, a title bestowed upon the best wrestler on Smackdown. But given that Raw and Smackdown wrestlers can seemingly go where they please these days, and the roster split is essentially nullified, that’s a pretty confusing scenario that leaves the program in an even more unfocused place.

    But that’s another story for another day…

    Rob Siebert was a contributing writer for The Wrestling Daily and he is a co-founder of PrimaryIgnition.com. He also sings and dances for money.

    To read more about Rob’s time with TWD, check out “The Rise and Fall of TWD, part two.”


  • Bowling Shoe Handsome – Legit Tough Guise, Part I

    The web’s premier “punk rock ‘n wrestling” podcast, Bowling Shoe Handsome, airs each week. It’s packed tight with information and musings about pro wrestling and pop culture. Plus: it features tunes from some of the world’s best punk rock, indie, and alternative artists!

    Ahead of WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view, this week’s show is part one in a two part series about what Brock Lesnar’s MMA pedigree means for the future of WWE. Mike Bessler joins Kevin to discuss Lesnar’s work since his return, what will likely come next, and how John Cena will be impacted by all of this. Plus a MAJOR announcement concerning next week’s show, and a tribute to musical legend, Poly Styrene (X-Ray Spex). Enjoy!

    Musical Playlist:

    Tin Armor – Raise High the Roof Beams
    Irish Handcuffs – Little Tired
    Ascetic Parade – Promenade in Raindrops
    The Please & Thank Yous – Holy Hell
    *Mari Elliot (Poly Styrene) – Silly Billy

    Download this week’s podcast: http://www.mediafire.com/?okid7v9j0p5855p

    *Unreleased track, not commercially available. All other songs are either used with permission of the artists themselves or are excerpts, used for scholarly or critical purposes.

  • Bowling Shoe Handsome – Wrestling with Hegemony

    The web’s premier “punk rock ‘n wrestling” podcast, Bowling Shoe Handsome, airs each week. It’s packed tight with information and musings about pro wrestling and pop culture. Plus: it features tunes from some of the world’s best punk rock, indie, and alternative artists!

    This week, Kevin talks about the strange phenomenon of the “rebel” becoming “the man” – both in WWE and elsewhere. Plus, a final preview of this weekend’s Road to Ruin Fest and the reason why Scott Steiner might just become a social media pioneer.

    Musical Playlist:

    3rd Year Freshman – Two Days Ago I Turned Punk Rock
    Sweet Baby – Let’s All Go to Europe
    Dry Feet – Long Live Dry Feet
    Sass Dragons – Workhorse

    Download this week’s podcast: http://www.mediafire.com/?bepwt2zct97d7mv

  • Bowling Shoe Handsome – Era of the Giants

    The web’s premier “punk rock ‘n wrestling” podcast, Bowling Shoe Handsome, airs each week. It’s packed tight with information and musings about pro wrestling and pop culture. Plus: it features tunes from some of the world’s best punk rock, indie, and alternative artists!

    This week, Kevin talks about the WWE returns of Brock Lesnar (and A-Train) to WWE and what that might mean to WWE’s smaller, yet very popular wrestlers. How will CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and others fare with Brock Lesnar (and A-Train) back in WWE? Will Brock Lesnar (and A-Train) help WWE or hurt it? All of this, plus a look at whether or not Daniel Bryan’s “YES!” chant will be the next pop culture phenomenon. Is wrestling due for another boom period, and could Daniel Bryan be in the thick of it? All this (and A-Train).

    Musical Playlist:

    Plow United – Spindle
    3rd Year Freshman – Popular Girls
    The Please & Thank Yous – Peas N’ Cheese
    Hold Tight – Call the Zoo
    Sweet Baby – Certified American
    Shinsplints – Set Sail

    Download this week’s episode: http://www.mediafire.com/?6dfddxf1or2y8p9

  • Bowling Shoe Handsome – The WrestleMania 28 Recap Show

    The web’s premier “punk rock ‘n wrestling” podcast, Bowling Shoe Handsome, airs each week. It’s packed tight with information and musings about pro wrestling and pop culture. Plus: it features tunes from some of the world’s best punk rock, indie, and alternative artists!

    This special WrestleMania 28 Recap Edition takes a critical look at what went down at the biggest pro wrestling event of the year – as well as what the implications might be for the coming months. Kevin welcomes wrestling analysts Brock Koller and The Real Deal to offer their takes on what went down.

    Musical Playlist:

    Irish Handcuffs – Keepsake
    Plow United – The World According to Me
    Sweet Baby – This Talk About the Girl
    Tin Armor – My True Step
    Sass Dragons – Sleeptalking
    Turkish Techno – Without You
    Tin Armor – Life of Abundance

    Download this week’s podcast: http://www.mediafire.com/?5ofhecc2ok2fcjb