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  • Mat Minutiae: Flatlining for fun and profit

    Like a fish out of water, Mat Minutiae keeps flipping and flopping around, teetering on the very edge of oblivion. This week, Mike answers collective wailing and gnashing of teeth from the sexy beasts over at VoC Nation and he also rolls out a new campaign of his own entitled, “Get Bill Apter to Friend Mike Bessler on Facebook.”

    Once again, Mike is joined by Chauncey “the Gaudy” Fentura by way of the Mat Minutiae Celebrity Hotline. All of this crap, plus noteworthy guest appearances by the likes of Mr. Akbaz and some cat who calls himself Brady Hicks will undoubtedly make this episode of Mat Minutiae one of the most eagerly anticipated pre-Chinese New Year extravaganzas in the history thebradyhicks.com.

    And now a word from Chauncey….

    “You tell old boy Brittany Hopps that if he needs a photo to prove Chauncey Fentura really exists, here’s a pic of me and my brothers (me in the middle with the sweet geetar, in our band The Fenturions.  This was our first album entitled Fenturadventureland  From left to right, Isaac, Gulliver, Cunningham (behind me), and of course, the lead singer and other guitarist, Bartholomew.  Dads (the legendary producer-writer-doctor-philosopher Josias Lemuel Fentura) was so proud.  Honest, the nerve of that festering dewberry to imply that I, the most interesting man on the web, needs a “picture” to prove my existence?  If he were here right now sharing my filtered air, I would be forced to launch some knuckles at his occipital lobe, or maybe even his larynx so we don’t have to listen to his nasally musings on pro wrestling anymore.”

    “Do send me Bassler’s e-mail, since I’ve never seen to fit to actually ask him for it, so that I can link up to that crazy bastard, since I never think to ask for his contact info on the show….That would just be poor manners.”

  • Mat Minutiae: Worlds Collide

    This is it! The somewhat-anticipated return of Mat Minutiae — this time as a triple-length, 30+ minute tour de force — featuring a steaming hot mess of complaints, grievances and other associated nonsense along with special appearances by Mr. Akbaz, star of various and sundry podcasts on thebradyhicks.com, as well as Nemar “King Magnus” Wells, co-host of the celebrated VoC Nation radio show.

    Additionally, the esteemed Chauncey “The Gaudy” Fentura enters the fray, offering his caustically irreverent musings on the state of pro wrestling and the quality of Internet-based wrestling-themed psudeojournalism. Is this the end of Mat Minutiae as we know it? Is this pulse-pounding episode the equivalent of a Nibiru-sized collision that’s ultimately destined to annihilate this award-nominated podcast? Listen and find out, bitches.

    By the way, this episode is offered as an m4a, enhanced audio file that’s iPod compliant. So…you’re welcome.

  • Vote For TBH.com Content on Wrestling Radio Awards

    Several of the shows syndicated on TBH.com are up for year-end awards through the Wrestling Radio Awards. This is quite great news considering (a) some of the top podcasts and programs on the Internet are also nominated, and (b) we here at TBH.com have had no interaction with this group at all.

    So, we here at the site are obviously honored. Be sure to show your love for our great shows by voting here!

    Show of the Year
    IN THE ROOM, Between the Ropes, Completely Damaged, Saturday Night Akbaz, What’s Wrong With Wrestling, WrestleDope Radio LIVE, and VOC Nation

    Male Interview of the Year
    Big Show (Between the Ropes), Christian (Between the Ropes), Hulk Hogan (VOC Nation), Rey Mysterio (Between the Ropes), and Sean Waltman (Between the Ropes)

    Media Interview of the Year
    Insane Clown Posse (VOC Nation)

    Female Interview of the Year
    Tammy Sytch (IN THE ROOM), Amber O’Neal (VOC Nation), Beth Phoenix (Between the Ropes), Chyna (VOC Nation), Gorgeous George (VOC Nation), Kimona (Completely Damaged), Molly Holly (Completely Damaged), Melina (VOC Nation), Serena Deeb (VOC Nation), SoCal Val (VOC Nation), Taryn Terrell (VOC Nation), Trina Michaels (VOC Nation)

  • Mat Minutiae: Trivial Pursuits

    Here ’tis after a murderously long three-week hiatus, it’s the brand freakin‘ new episode of Mat Minutiae! In this episode, Mike B. all kinds of self-indulgent rigmarole including the all new, senses-shattering Minutiae Syllable Whiskey Triple Threat Trivia Holiday Crap Contest Extravaganza. Also, Mike is joined on the celebrity hotline by someone with a name that sounds an awful lot like “Tevin Backilswainey.” Maybe. You’re just going to have to listen and figure it out for yourselves, okay?

    By the way, post your answers to the trivia question in the comments section below. Really, act like you give a damn for once in your life and just do it.

    Also, in case anyone is wondering, I’d really like to get a shot at the In Your Head Wrestling Prize Wheel this week.

  • Mat Minutiae: Big Doings and the Like

    Hot on the heels of the greatest “sixth episode anniversary special” in the history of thebradyhicks.com, this here’s the latest installment of the curious spectacle known to laypersons as Mat Minutiae. In this installment, Internet pseudojournalist Mike B — still basking in the glow of last episode’s symphony of awesomeness — offers a preview of POWW‘s upcoming WrestleRage IX event. He also rolls out a new mini-featurette called “Bootleg Shakedown,” spotlighting the collected matches of the Tommy Dreamer/Raven feud from the heyday of the original ECW. Somewhere along the way, Mike throws out mad props to the likes of In Your Head Wrestling, Mr. Akbaz, Sunday Morning Squash Match and others. Most importantly, Mike interviews Li’L Betsy Bruiser, the youngest female competitor in the history of professional wrestling. Yeah, no kidding.


    Truth be told, it’s practically a crime that you get this much entertainment for free. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Mat Minutiae, Volume 6: Super Special Anniversary Blockbuster Episode!


    This is it! The single biggest event in the history of the Mat Minutiae mini-podcast: It’s the landmark sixth episode of the show and a whole cavalcade of guests drop in to share the love. This episode features a chat with professional CM Punk Impersonator Bill Hooks as well as an uncensored visit with the creator, host and head writer for “Saturday Night Akbaz,” Mr. Akbaz! Brady Hicks checks in and shares some  special words of encouragement, reminding each and every one of us that he’s still the freakin’ man! Mike’s lovely wife also gets in on the action, offering her musings on what it’s like to be married to a real, live Internet sensation (namely, me). Miss this one and your grandchildren will hate you for it.


    As an added bonus, the answer to the Mat Minutiae Sweepstakes-o-Rama Mania is revealed in this episode. If you’re one of those freaks who loves to spoil the surprise, have a look below at my meticulously crafted rendering of the mystery grappler. I actually bought my own box of crayons for this, people.