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  • Excerpts: The Nick Cvjetkovich Interview

    Photo by Nick Cvjetkovich

    Imagine the horror of having one of your best friends kill himself. Now imagine the torture of being able to forever look back at his chilling final thoughts in an intricate letter–written over the course of several weeks–in which he goes into great detail about the depression and sadness he had battled every day of his life.

    Such is the sad situation faced by Nick Cvjetkovich (Sinn Bodhi, formerly WWE’s Kizarny and TNA’s Sinn). On Wednesday, January 26, 2011, the life of Cvjetkovich and his wife (former WWE Diva) Stacy “The Kat” Carter were changed forever when they received an eerie text message from their good friend, Shawn “Bad Seed” Osbourne (Shawn McGrath). According to Cvjetkovich, the message was NOT a cry for help … it was a quick goodbye. “I look back at that text, and I KNOW it was just a farewell from him,” observed Cvjetkovich. “So true to his form, Shawn did not want to be a bother to anyone. He went through great detail to accommodate other people, even at his darkest hour … he even paid his rent a month in advance. That is just the kind of guy he was. He didn’t want to bother anybody. He just wanted to leave.”

    Upon discovering Shawn’s body, Tampa authorities also uncovered his long farewell letter (later republished by Nick, Stacy, and several others). Although some questioned their decision to put the sobering letter online for all to read, Cvjetkovich was very quick to defend his decision–and his friend–saying, “It’s exactly what Shawn would have wanted. When you read the opening line of the letter, it says ‘To All Who Care’. Shawn would have wanted everyone who did care to have the opportunity to hear what he had to say.”

    Recently, I had the chance to sit down and talk with a very somber Cvjetkovich for 60, tear-filled minutes, and listen as he sadly recalled the loss of his very close friend and colleague Shawn McGrath. What follows below are excerpts from this interview.