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  • 10 Wrestlers I Wish Were Always On TV

    Posted on by VOC Nation

    Disclaimer: So I have wanted to do this for years. Compile a list of wrestlers that I really enjoy watching, but never made it to the dance, or didn’t really get pushed, or whatever. This is not a list of the best, most underrated, or anything like that. These are completely my opinions and are in no particular order.

    10. Human Tornado

    He's a HUMAN TORNADO!!

    First off, I know he is retired, but really, what is retired in wrestling. The guy is only 27. Human Tornado is one of my favorite independent wrestlers. So many wrestlers have, “The Pimp” gimmick, but Tornado lives it when he is the ring. He has an old school look to him with his high waist pin striped suit. Not to mention his rocking afro. I personally think that HT has the charisma to get over in the mainstream arena. He is also tall, standing at 6’3.

    He also has one of my favorite move sets of all time. In the 80’s wrestlers like The Samoans and George Steele couldn’t have their heads hurt. Well Tornado has balls of steel. He also uses a backhand pimp slap which is magical. My favorite though, is his dancing kicks in the corner. (All of these can be seen in the video below. Pay close attention to the ref during those kicks)

    Anyway, check out the video below if you are unfamiliar with HT or want to see awesomeness in action. If you like him and want to see an awesome match with him, check out, “The Best of PWG Vol 1.” There is a no rules title match with Joey Ryan that is real fun and entertaining.