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  • IN THE ROOM with Ray “Glacier”Lloyd

    This week’s IN THE ROOM we welcome WCW star Ray “Glacier” Lloyd. Check it out as Glacier talks about his tenure with the company at the height of the Monday Night Wars,Mortal Kombat, backstage politics, the independents, and starring in movies. Plus we go deep analyzing WWE Money in the Bank, AEW, and other news from the wrestling world. Call in (657) 383-1666.

  • IN THE ROOM with Earl Hebner

    Check out IN THE ROOM this week as we’re joined by all-time legendary referee Earl Hebner. Earl has been involved in the inner workings of WWE, AEW, TNA Impact, and the wrestling world at large for five decades, and has played a role in everything from Andre the Giant’s fiasco of a title win against Hulk Hogan to a well-known little angle known as the Montreal Screwjob! Plus, lots of WWE WrestleMania discussion and the shows from WWE and AEW moving forward. Call in (657) 383-1666!

  • IN THE ROOM with Geoffrey Bravo

    This week on IN THE ROOM we welcome independent star Geoffrey Bravo. Bravo is a tremendously talented guy with a great future in wrestling, as far as he would like to take it. Plus Brady Hicks, Kathie Fitz, Stro Maestro, Derrick McDonald, and Matt Grimm check in with lots of live coverage from WWE Elimination Chamber, a look at WrestleMania, and more! Call in (914) 338-1885!

  • IN THE ROOM with Ricky Reyes (Lucha Underground’s Cortez Castro)

    Tonight’s IN THE ROOM welcomes Ricky Reyes, a veteran wrestler who has been an active part of ROH, CZW, Puerto Rico’s WWC, and (as Cortez Castro), Lucha Underground. Ricky will be returning to the ECWA Super 8 tournament in April! Check it out for his thoughts on everything from the Super 8 tournament, ECWA’s history, performing internationally and on television, and garnering a strong reputation on the independents. Plus, Brady Hicks, Stro Maestro, Kathie Fitz, Derrick McDonald, and Matt Grimm talk about WWE’s Super Showdown, Elimination Chamber, and WrestleMania shows; AEW’s Revolution; and more! Call in (914) 338-1885.

  • IN THE ROOM – 2/25/2020

    Brady Hicks is back this week IN THE ROOM! Check it out for a great discussion of Brady’s adventures these last few weeks; a look forward to WWE Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia, Elimination Chamber in Philadelphia, and WrestleMania in Tampa; and the latest going on in wrestling. Plus contributions by Stro Maestro, Kathie Fitz, Derrick McDonald, and Matt Grimm, open phone lines the whole show, and more! Call in (914) 338-1885!

  • WCW Retro with The Stro – 2/20/2020

    Join WCW’s Stro Maestro for a special look back at all things professional wrestling, including WWE, NXT, AEW, and … a look back at WCW! Plus the always-popular “Old-School Match of the Week” and “Dream Match” segments.

  • IN THE ROOM – 2/18/2020

    This week’s IN THE ROOM once again features a full show full of fan interactions as we head toward WWE Super Showdown, Elimination Chamber, and, ultimately, WrestleMania. Plus lots of talk about AEW, New Japan, and everything else going on in wrestling! Call in (914) 338-1885.