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  • Bowling Shoe Handsome #4 with Kevin and Young John

    Here it is: episode #4 of the dance sensation that’s sweepin’ the internet wrestling podcast nation! Kevin and Young John are back in usual formation and poised to entertain with a special, extra-lengthy addition of BSH.

    Credit: Wikipedia.org

    Topics this week include Billy Corgan’s Resistance Pro, the punk rock ‘n wrestling connection, possible WrestleMania 28 appearances for The Golden Twins (Goldberg and Goldust), and much, much more! Plus, hear your two hosts give their thoughts on the nominees for the 2011 Who’s Slammy Who awards. Can it get any better? (Yes. It gets better every week.)

    Click below to listen!

  • Money In The Bank: Going for Broke

    Photo By WWE

    Several sources have reported that there will be no Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania XXVII. Instead, the concept will now become exclusive to the gimmick PPV event. This dramatic change in the format of Wrestlemania is likely an attempt to keep the match fresh while avoiding the possibility of having several briefcase holders at once. However, removing this match will likely lead to some horrible booking decisions in the very near future. If WWE were to keep this match on the Wrestlemania card, Jack Swagger, Christian, Drew Mcintyre, Evan Bourne, and John Morrison would have a place on the card that people actually enjoy. Without the match, these superstars will likely be placed in mixed tag matches and thrown together matches that take away from the overall quality of the show.

    The best option for WWE would be to keep the match at Mania; the winner of this briefcase would then challenge any champion of his choosing. The Miz and Kane would both confined to specific branded briefcases, there should be no problem with three different briefcases. Giving the win to someone like John Morrison at Wrestlemania would allow him to challenge The Miz in the future. Wrestlemania is intended to be the blow off for a year of feuds. Allowing the MITB match to remain at Wrestlemania would help to springboard mid-card talent into main event feuds. If the creative staff at WWE is serious about making new stars, Money In The Bank should remain at Wrestlemania.